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Star cross love (episode 6)

Abhi made some arrangement to propose pragya.he called her n asked to come to xyz lawn .she too came .the place was beautifully decorated. At entrance it was written welcome Angel .she stepped inside she saw a waiter holding a box.he came near n said take this mam n gave her the box n letter too.she opened the letter n saw it was written,” You are rainbow of my dark night. I…………………L………turn right n walk 5steps n open the box.

she opened the box n saw a anklet or payal.she saw the letter it’s for you wear it .she wore it.then she walked as instructed.she again saw someone holding something,she went near him he said mam n gave her the box.she opened it n saw red bangles,she wore it.she saw a note it was written you made my life colourful with your shades….o….


Go straight.she went n saw a flower shop she went there .immediately the man gave her a bouquet n a gift In note she saw ,”I promise you I will make your life heavenly…. V….she saw a red necklace set n she quickly wore it.she was very happy.she thought to propose him but he suprised me.she again walked n found a icecream shop she went there.the vendor gave her a choco flavoured ice he said mam pls eat it first.sir told to give gift only after eating.she ate the ice quickly n wondered what gift.abhi has given n went to vendor n he gave her a box wrapped with velvet cloth she opened with excitement n saw a platinum locket she wore it she then saw don’t open it till I come.n “you the queen of my hearts kingdom”….E..

She saw way filled with rose petals she removed her slippers n walked on it.next came a gallon seller n gave her a red heart shaped balloon n gave her a big box she seated on a table n opened it till now she was holding all the notes n bouquet in her hand.she saw a red lehenga with a kumkum box.she felt very happy a lone tear escaped from her eye she remembered abhi asking her not to cry again she wiped her tear.she walked a few steps n saw a mangalasutra box on table n took it.suddenly some voice was heard it was abhi he told her to keep those notes n bouquet down and close her eyes.he said turn right now open your eyes.she saw a abhi kneeling down n asked will you marry me. He said I love you so much I wanna spend my life with you.pragya hugged him n said I took looooovvvveeee you so much.abhi was very happy.he thought pragya you know about your previous birth the day before I met you.you came in my life as an angel.first I was shocked but was very happy to see you .I wanna keep you happy n whatever comes we will face it together, I won’t leave you ever.his thought was disturbed as pragya .

she asked him what r u thinking. He said about our marriage.pragya blushed.he gave her a passionate liplock she too responded with equal passion. They broke kiss gasping for oxygen.pragya had gone tomato red.he said to her its late come let’s go. Pragya thought unromantic. Abhi said caught your thought’s tmrw we’re going to shopping n cinema after college be ready .pragya replied OK bye n gave a peck on his head n said sweet dream. Abhi dropped pragya at her home n went to his home.he slept peacefully. Pragya too

Precap:abhigya’s date n their previous birth story by …..

Thank you everyone for your support. Pls comment. Your comment will decide whether to continue my ff pls tell me is it not nice.sorry II didn’tpost due to no network.will post nxt epi soon. Sorry to bore you with my ff. Pls comment its a request by your sweet princess.

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