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Star cross love (episode 10)

Hi guys I wrote my exam very well thank for your wishes because of your wishes I am so happy thanks ani,prathi di, Maya di, reshma pradeep,saranya di,maha di,aasmitha di, roli di,monesha di,di,varsha venkat.

After fair abhi n pragya went back to palace.pragya was so happy. She told about her love to bulbul she teased her. Same goes with abhi too.he told purab enough of your teasing.n went to balcony .he got a idea.suddenly he took a paper n wrote a letter n just tied it in a arrow.he
aimed at pragya room as it was opposite to his n purab room .arrow stuck on pragya n bulbul room’s balcony.as soon as sound was heard pragya n bulbuk rushed to see what happened they saw an arrow with letter n abhi standing in balcony.bulbul said I am some work I’m going saying this she
went with a smile.pragya untied n read the
letter it was written pragya come n meet
me attop tower at 8 I have a gift for you.pragya nodded to abhi as yes.abhi thought pragya I’ll make your life heaven n make you smile always. Pragya n abhi was
called by chakradev n sahab to discuss
about purab n bulbul engagement function arrangement.he saw pragya hand n abhi hand n understood they r in love n sighed
sahab to see it too(actually they too know
about the bracelet as dadi was mom of chakradev n shared about it to them).they were very happy.they discussed about it n abhigya went soon they were dragged by
bala n tanu.pragya was upset as she wanna spend time with abhi.abhi too was upset n thought because of this witch I am
not near my pragya .actually from water
clock every hour a bell sound will be heard
(by noting
this one can determine time actually it will sound 1time at one o clock n twice at 2o clock).abhi n pragya heard the bell
sounding eight times n both were tensed how to escape from bala n tanu to meet each other. Bulbul saw pragya face n understood something is wrong. She signed what.pragya too signed want to meet abhi n stuck here bala was talking continuously to pragya.bulbul called purab n told him about it purab went to abhi n dragged him n excused to tanu that he wanna talk to abhi.here bulbul too dragged pragya n said her to go.both abhi n pragya
reached the top tower they hugged each other.abhi made pragya lay on his chest n told her that he will make her life colourful
n they talked for sometime.suddenly abhi
pinned her to wall n asked where is my
reward. Pragya said first give me my gift then I will give you reward.chakradev n sahab saw their children talking
romantically n went without disturbing
them they shared about their idea of
marrying pragya to abhi to their wives n basanthi.they were also very happy .they
thought tomorrow we can discuss about
this to other without their knowledge. They
planned to give them a auprisr n also called
pandit too for asking dates.abhi made pragya wear a ring on her hand .it was a beautiful emerald ring.abhi asked I want a kiss as my reward n pinned her to
wall.pragya asked abhi to close his
eyes.abhi too closed his eyes.pragya gave a kiss on his cheeks n slight slap on other
cheek n ran away abhi too chased her as
they came to main hall.they walked in
opposite direction went n stood near bulbul n purab but all noticed their chase n
thought naughty children .after sometime


all went to sleep .pragya showed her ring to
bulbul .bulbul said its too beautiful n said not bad abhi is too romantic.pragya
blushed n said not less than purab jiju
romance. Bulbul blushed n said chup sleep
. Both slept dreaming about their
princes.on other hand princes too slept
dreaming about their princess.
Next morning all woke up freshed up n
princesses n prince were called to discuss
something .king chakradev n sahab
together announced that on account of
purbul engagement.nalla damayanthi
drama should be held n we decided to
make abhi as nalan n pragya as
dadamayanthi.all agreed abhigya were
overjoyed.tanu fumed.(bala went back as
there was a problem in his kingdom).tanu
thought of a plan n smiled evilly

Precap:Tanis evil plan is revealed.

Thank you everyone for your support. Pls drop your valuable comment. Will try to post next part by Thursday. Because of all
your support I have successfully reached
up to ten episodes thanks everyone.I am very happy guys thanks for your love n support. Keep reading continuously.

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