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Spoilers — 8th September 2016


Chakor has decided to sacrifice her love for Vivaan, thinking about Imli and her child. She has taken such a big decision just for Imli’s happiness. She wants to secure the baby’s future and do a Maasi’s duty. Chakor gifts some toys to Imli, and asks her to be happy with Vivaan. Imli does not want to lose her love for the second time, and is happy that Chakor left. But, shockingly Imli slips down and worries for her baby’s safety. Chakor rushes Imli to hospital. Imli faces a miscarriage. What will be Chakor’s decision towards Vivaan’s love?



Raja and Rani’s sweet romance started. Raja comes from bath and goes to take his clothes from cupboard. Rani comes out of the cupboard and laughs on him. Rani starts hitting naughty comments on him. He asks her to leave from room and not tell anyone. Rani laughs a lot. Raja smiles seeing Rani laughing. Raj Mata explains Rani about the traditions of Rajmahal. She asks Rani to cook nine types of food. Bindu comes and Rani feels something is odd. It has to be seen how Rani manages everything to throw the grand feast.

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