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Spoilers — 6th September 2016


Akshara misses Naitik and wishes he comes back soon. She cries and does not show her tears to anyone. Naira gets the puja plate in hurry and collides with Kartik. The kumkum falls over both of them, and the moment pauses. Kartik and Naira’s noj khok starts. The show gets the dahi handi festival in a unique way, where people strike the pot by the stone, rather than making the human pyramid. They try to break the handi like Krishna ji used to do. Everyone fail to break the pot. Kartik and Naira attempt at last, and break the matki together. Naksh gives them gifts for winning the dahi handi game.


Raja and Rani got married, but are not able to meet. Raj Mata does not let them meet. Jeevan has come back in their lives. Rani wakes nup at night and silently goes to meet Raja. She gets shocked seeing Jeevan. Jeevan has got mad and tells Rani that he will not let Raja win her. Rani says there is no possibility, I love Raja. Raja and Rani can’t unite after marriage because of Jeevan and Bindu. Bindu and Jeevan can plan together to make Raja and Rani away.

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