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Spoilers — 24th September 2016

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kosi and Naman have stabbed Shraddha, when Shraddha has confronted them about the truth. Naman tells Kosi that Shraddha is dead. Shraddha has turned ghost. Kosi lies to sleep and gets super shocked seeing Shraddha’s cut head revolving on the table. Kosi runs out of her room and calls Naman. She tells him that she has seen Shraddha’s ghost and makes Naman check the room.



Paridhi asks Rajbeer how can he marry someone else. Rajbeer doubts on her and Arhaan. He asks why can’t I marry, if you can do anything. He confronts her and asks her to sacrifice their marriage. She cries and asks why is he marrying someone else when he loves her. Rajbeer says I love you, but it won’t be tough for you to break this marriage. Rajbeer decided to marry Shreya. Paridhi is against Rajbeer’s decision. Rajbeer is not ready to listen to Paridhi. Will Rajbeer marry Shreya?

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