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Spoilers — 19th September 2016


Raman finally meets Pihu at the school. He hugs her and kisses her. He gets little happiness and cries thinking he can’t keep Pihu for much time. He gets a cake for Pihu. Shagun comes there and throws the box. She scolds Raman and asks him not to meet Pihu without taking her permission. Raman and Ishita think to spend time with Pihu by getting disguise and enter Pihu’s friend’s birthday party.

Jamai Raja:


Satya and Mahi have a sweet moment in the rains. Their rain dance brings them closer. Mahi is filling colors in Satya’s life. Satya is falling in love with Mahi. Their romantic dance will be seen in Satya’s dream sequence. Mahi also has feelings for Satya and is still confused. She has to realize her love.

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