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SPOILER: Read at ur own risk


Disclaimer: Read at ur own risk…



Swaragini- High Voltage Drama to take place in Swaragini with Rashmi Sharma’s return after handling Pink Movie. Swara to take a drastic step to prove Sanskar’s innocence to family. AP-DP and Ragini being manipulated by Adarsh and Pari to shun Swara and Sanskar away. Swara to take a gun and try to kill herself to prove Sanskar’s innocence. Ragini shocked to see to what extent Swara can go for Sanskar. On the other hand Raglak to go back to MM. Both Raglak will be treated very nicely by ParDarsh. Ragini to get suspicious and start investigating. Swasan try convincing Raglak that they’re innocent but Raglak don’t listen. Sanlak to meet on a road. Sanskar tries to explain himself. Laksh doesn’t listen and starts fighting wid him. Both the brothers beat each other badly. Sanskar falls on the road and almost gets hit by a truck but Laksh saves him on time which shocks Sanskar. Sanskar to ban Swara from trying to unite the family but Shomi supports Swara in her plan, but Sanskar is unaware.

What do u think will happen? Will this be the end of relationships or will it be a new beginning? Will everything be alright? Will Swaragini unite and unite their parents like they did in the start? Will Raglak see Swasan’s innocence? Kya rishto ko suljane Ki chakkar mein bachi hui rishte toot jaayenge? I guess we have to keep watching the telecast to know more.

FYI: these spoilers r there on the net…

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