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Source : Sita’s sisters by Kavita Kane (some changes made) ep 7

Parshuram arrives angrily. welcome, rishi Parshuram, said – Janak. Everyone ‘s heart sank in dismay.
who dared to break the shiv dhanush. He asked.
I am culprit, Janak said. I decided to keep a syayamvar for Sita who were asked to lift and string the dhanush. Only prince Ram was able to do that.
Lakshman says-sorry, but bhaiya just wanted to sting it but accidentally got break,but my bhaiya has done what others can’t imagine.
Lakshman words angered him more. Urmila got fearful. She says-I am ready to face rishi to save Lakshman.

With her hands folded, she says – forgive me, we are blessed by your visit,you must be tired, take seat and rest, bless you, may your husband live long life. Hearing this, she thanks as Lakshman will be safe.
Rishi says – you angry young man, how dare you talk to me like this.
Lakshman says – we are raghuvanshi, we respect elders, but revolt also if anyone tries to harm us.
Rishi was about to behead Lakshman, but his arms freeze, much to everyone surprise.
He looked at Urmila and then at Lakshman, but before he can say anything, Ram intervenes.
Rishi, I am the one who break the bow, punish me but forgive my brother.
He loves me so trying to protect me.

Parshuram ask Ram to give test, he passes. He blessed Ram, Lakshman and everyone and went away.
Urmila Lakshman looked at each other and he thanked her through eyes. She understands and smiles. Mandavi ask – wht happened? She says – nothing. Mandavi smiles.
Lakshman, Urmila, Mandavi remembered the fb and smile.
Janak asks the messenger to go to Ayodhya to inform about Swayamvar.

Precap – Janak Dasharath greet each other.

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