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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 31

Helloo lovely ppl
I am early right?
But it’s only for our Birthday Girl Rashi
A small present from my side

You are my first TU friend and so you hold a special place in my heart.
Thanks for supporting me in each and every journey I start.
I know that you have a hectic schedule but u still remove time to read our ffs.
You are one of the sweetest soul I have ever found.
I love talking to u becoz we are much relatable ???
Love u loads dear❤❤??
This is only for u…





J : Finally Dehradun I m here!!
(She exclaimed in joy)
Z : God!! It’s so cold out here. Seems like I am going to freeze.
(Says Zain rubbing his palm)
S : Take this bro. You will feel better.
(Saying this Sidhant passes a bear bottle)
Z : It was needed so much.
After a couple of sips he passed the bottle to Jasmine
S : Nope Zain she don’t dri…
Before he could continue he saw Jasmine gulping half the bottle in one go.
J : Feeling better now
(Jasmine says excitedly)
J : And By the way Sidhant what were you saying??

S : (still shocked) you didn’t used to drink right?
J : Easy boy! That was my past. And you know I used to love someone which now I don’t. Time flies and so does the habits.
Zain realised that this topic is going somewhere else
Z : Woah Woah Guys hold on. What are you people talking about?

J : umm…nothing much. Come Zee Adi (director) is calling us.
Zain left.
Sidhant within no time held her hand and dragged to a corner
J : what are you doing? Just leave me?
S : (angry) You always like to hurt me right? Then go ahead I m standing. Finish this all at once. I am fed up this now. Whenever i see hatred in ur eyes and that too for me …it hurts…. I always try to hate you for what you did to me but….

Jasmine forcefully escaped from his hold
J : Let me remind you Sidhant that you were the one who spoilt everything. You were the one who left me midway. You were the one who made fake promises. And what more you expect from me? That I should love you again?
She says leaving a faint laugh
S : Ohh C’mon stop your acting. You very well that who left whom. I didn’t asked you to agree for the marri…
Sidhant was stopped by a whisper

Z : Sid Jas…whats going on.
Jasmine and Sidhant rubbed her eyes hiding their tears.
S : Nothing bro. Come let’s go.
They both left

Jasmine thinks, “What was Sidhant saying? I left him? Shut up Jasmine…he just know to blame others for the mistakes he do.”


Aditya(Director) guided the actors and other supporting actors
Finally it was like
Sidhant Gupta will play the role of Abimanyu Singh
Jasmine Bhasin – Shanaya Singhania
Zain Imam – Rohan Nanda
(All the characters are same as the actual film ‘Student Of The Year’ but it doesn’t matters here in ff)

And now the shooting starts…
Most of the time Sidhant and Jasmine had same shots so it was difficult for them to ignore.

Zains POV

I know you Sidhant and I also know that you both knew each other. Your actions always make me think that there was something between you both.
I saw Jasmine busy on her phone when I went and sat next to her.
A way to gain her attention
J : Ohh Hey Zee
Z : Hi Jasmine
She placed her phone aside and now we both were facing each other.
Z : So…
J : So?

Z : I wanted to ask you something?
J : Say it then. Why are you hesitating Zee .we are friends right? So why this hesitation.
Z : Actually it’s a bit personal…
Zain say it!! I yelled within
I finally said it in one go
Z : I know Jasmine that you and Sidhant had a past. But whatever it is because of that thing you both are spoiling your present. Listen …in this industry everything unpredictable. At every point of time you both have to confront each other. It’s a fact and you both have to accept it. I don’t want to know what happened and all but all I know is both of u are my friends so it’s my duty to guide . Rest it’s ur decision.

I was expecting some kind of harsh words from her side but all of a sudden she hugged me
Z : Jasmine
I whispered hugging her back
She broke the hug with a smile
J : Thank you so much Zee for being my friend. I am blessed to have such a friend like u. And about our past. Yes we both have it but now it doesn’t matters. I agree with u that it is affecting our present but I can’t ignore him because…
Z : Because you Love him

Her eyes were popped out hearing me.
Well I had an a slight idea but now it’s confirmed.
Z : Am I right Jasmine?
She didn’t utter a single word and left the place.


Jasmine is sitting near the pool side with her legs dipped inside the water.
She messaged Sidhant….called him many times but he didn’t received
Somewhere she was not expecting him to pick her call up.
Finally he did.

On call

J : Hello Sidhant
S : What the hell Jasmine. Are you out of ur mind? 17 missed called and 25 messages…Are you kidding me? Whats the matter?
J : Come near pool side. I am waiting. I need to talk to you sometime urgent
S : (concerned) Is there any problem?
J : You just come fast. There you will get to know.

Saying this hanged up the call.




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