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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 30

“JASMINE YOU ARE SICK!!” my mind clamours. Well I accept this bitter truth. “It’s the second time you are doing the same mistake” my mind complaints.
“And if I am not wrong, an immature act done twice is not a mistake, it’s foolishness” a judgemental brain gives it’s verdict .
I can’t even back off now as the contract is signed.
“Everyday seeing his face reminds me of the worst decision of my life. That is to love him” I gave my pain out. “But loving someone not a decision. It just happens. And jasmine you both were just 20.” My silly heart which once used to love him consoles me.
“But you still love Sidhant!!” My heart yells

“Shut up u b***c! Aren’t you satisfied with what happened. Still you want to love that man who only knows to break your into pieces” I warned my heart
“But he is the only man who can mend your broken heart Jasmine. Please try to understand. There might be a good reason which he might be hiding from you” my heart demanded
I waved my hand in negation. Rejecting it’s words.


But Suddenly I found someone starting me. I peeped from the corner of my eye and yes it was sidhant. Well I somewhere knew that it was him. I can feel his stare.
“It’s because you still love him” my heart burst out
I gave daggers within.

We both were constantly looking at each other. But his stare was a weird kind of.
“Oh Shit. Did he see my silly fight with my heart? Yes he did.” I thought and gave him an hesitant smile.
His expressionless face showed his anger for me but still he came to me.
“I think I should ask the director to change our heroine ” he said coldly but still a sarcasm in his tone

“What?” I asked confused
“You are in urgent need to consult a psychiatrist.”
“He saw my act” I murmured
“Yes I did. And please control your heart. Or else it would cheat you . And will choose me against you again.” he said with a cunning smile
“He knows me well” a part of my mind said

Adi (director) called us.
I saw Zain and Sidhant coming.
“So guys brace yourself. As our photoshoots are completed. Now it’s time to fly Dehradun for shootings.” Informed Adi
On hearing this everyone started hooting.

•. •. •.

“I am gonna enjoy this trip” says Zain excitedly
“Yeah me too. And specially with you” I said passing a sarcastic wink. Just for fun
“Looks like your intentions are slipping” a return sarcasm from him.
“It’s completely your fault. You are so handsome. It always slips my intentions Zee”
And we both burst out laughing.
“I really enjoy your company” he says in between his laughter’s.
“After all I am one of my kind” says Jasmine boasting herself
“Ahem Ahem Zain. I guess you forgot me” says Sidhant grabbing their attention
“You don’t leave any chance to gain attention. Right Mr Giraffe?” Jasmine taunts
“Ohh look who is saying. The best attention seeker is giving titles to me” a counter taunt from his side
“Hey Zee you say who is right. This man is insane.” Jasmine says completely irriked
“I m out of it.” Zain raises his hand in surrender
“Men will be men” Jasmine groans
“And you girls will be aunties?” says Sidhant
And both Sidhant and Zain burst into laughter
“You guys carry on I need to leave”
Saying this Zain went to his vanity.

Both sidhant and Jasmine were showing daggers to each other.
“You know what Sidhant I Hate You to the Infinity.”
“But darling I Hate You more” saying this he passed a flying kiss.
“You don’t have this” she saying indicating to her heart.
“Boobs!! Well I really don’t. I am a straight guy.” Sidhant saying sarcastically
“Shut up you nasty head” Jasmine says rolling her eyes and left.

Sidhant went to Zain to have some boyish talks.
“Hey bro. Whats up?” Says Sidhant sitting on the couch
“Nothing much. Just gelling up my hair’s.”
Zain continued
“Umm…Sidhant can I ask you something?”
“Bol Na Bhai sharma kyu raha h” says Sidhant casually.
(Say it bro)
“You and Jasmine know each other?”
“Yes we do. After all we have worked together.”
“No no u are not getting me. I mean to say that before coming to this film I industry?” Asked Zain
S : “. . . ”
Z : It’s ok..I won’t force you
S : But what made you think this Zain?

Z : Umm… yesterday I saw you going inside her vanity without her notice. I thought of following you and there I found you keeping a chat(snacks) packet. Why will you do it I mean you both are not dating each other because I can see your cold war. If anytime you need someone to share I m always there.
Says Zain placing his hand on his shoulder.
Sidhant hugged Zain and left
Zain thinks

“I know you Sidhant from past 3 years. I never found you attracted to any girl. But on seeing Jasmine an unknown spark appears in your eyes. I have to find it out”

* * * * * *

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