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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 28





NEXT DAY (Day after Fresher’s eve)

Jasmine was in class….suddenly she saw Sidhant entering
Seeing him her jaws hit the ground
Sidhant came and closed her mouth taking his seat next to her…
S : Hey Jasmine
But she was still staring him from top to bottom
J : (shocked) Sidhant!!… What is all this??….I mean what happened to ur dress
Sidhant was wearing a checks shirt with a jeans and with his buttons completely closed and hairs gelled up down
He came n sat next to her
S : Hey
He says arranging the books on his bench
J : what is all this Sidhant….I mean this shirt….this style….its not u
S : I can say the same for u
Saying this he saw her from top to bottom
She was wearing a kurti with jeans n a scarf around her neck
S : What was the need for u to change ur style….relationship me rahne ka yeh matlab nahi h ki tum aapne aap ko kho jao….koi bhi relationship partnership se chalta h….na ki kisi ek ke sacrifice
(Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that u will change ur self…its all our partnership not an individual sacrifice)

J : Tumne he to kaha tha ki tum bht possessive bf banoge….issliye mujhe kisi ke daat nahi tudvane h tumahare jaatho se….u know na prevention is better than cure
(U only told me na that u r a possessive boyfriend so I want u to break others teeth….u know na prevention is better than cure)
S : Tumne meri baat iss tarike se le thi??….I accept ki mai bht possessive boyfriend hu(U took my words in this way?…I accept that I m a possessive boyfriend)
….I can’t even imagine to share u with someone….becoz u r only mine…but for this u can’t sacrifice ur liberty…..

Jasmine smiled at his cute n supportive words
S : Aab Tumne kya hua? (Now what happened to u)
J : Kuch nahi….bus soch rahi thi ki I m the luckiest girl to have a supportive partner like u
Sidhant smiled too

Days passed n their bond grew stronger….Jasmine had some small encounters with Parth but she would never get carried away becoz she knew that she is committed for this moment n forever …..here Parth was somewhere attracted to her so he found reasons for their encounter….Jasmine noticed this but never informed Sidhant or any of her friends about the same

Sidmin used to have dates, spend time together and used to do group studies….their relationship was never a hindrance in their studies

The entire college came to know about this newbie couple….n they never denied for it too….Sidhant being a protective cum possessive boyfriend used to be with her always…..boys in the campus were afraid to rag Jasmine becoz they knew that if they did….Sidhant is gonna rip them down…

Jasmine always loved his caring embrace….but sometimes it was irritating for her…..its not like her love for him was reduced but his overprotective nature was destroying her social life….she hardly used to get time to have a convo with them….n when ever she used to….ppl around teased her remarking Sidhant as her PA….Jasmine tried to be offensive many times but didnt say anything.

Its has been 3 years now…..just a year left to attain an Engineering degree and so does a reputed job….their academic marks were good so it won’t create any issue in their Campus Job Selection

J : (frustrated) Ohh God!!! Sidhant….this Kinematics sucks….I m fed up of it….everything is bouncing off my head
S : relax Jasmine we still have a month for our 3rd year examination….if u want we can seek help from our seniors…
J : Hmmm….nice idea….wait I will ask Remya to help me…then after I understand the concept I will teach u…ok?
Sidhant nodded n jasmine stood up to leave
S : Should I accompany u?
J : no need….I will manage
Saying this she left


The 4th year building was humming….everyone was studying in full pace afterall it was their last year….
Jasmine spotted Remya
J : Hey Remya…listen I need ur help
R : Say na Jasmine…anything for u
J : Actually this Kinematics is difficult to understand… Can u please help me
R : What a coincidence yaar….we are facing the same problem so within an hour Parth is going to conduct a session for it….would u like to join us??
Jasmine hesitated a bit
J : would u mind to teach me after his sessions??
R : Actually Jasmine I would love to but tomorrow a company is going to come for the Job Interview so my prepes r remaining…. But its ok…meet me within 2 hours I will teach u

Jasmine thinks, “I can’t disturb her nor I can go with them to Parth….becoz I know Sidhant wouldn’t like….I know he will never say but even I m not that comfortable in going to him becoz somewhere I know he likes me….God!!!…please help….but this topic is also important….. Ek kaam karti hu… Aabhi jaa ke seekh leti hu….vaise bhi mai akele thode he na hu. ….mere saath bht log h….aur baad me Sidhant ko bol dungi…haa yeh sahi rahega”
(I will go with them for time being….n I m not alone there so no need to worry…I will inform sidhant later….)

All went in cafeteria n gathered many tables and chairs making a circle.. ..Jasmine sat beside Remya n Remya beside Parth….
R : Jasmine can u please sit on my place….as I need to sit with Mitali…becoz we study together…. Hope u won’t mind
J : No…no at all…
Saying this jasmine sat next to Parth who was smiling seeing all this
N they started their studies….
Jasmine was busy in learning n understanding so she dropped all the ideas from her mind n mingled with them…including Parth
Here Sidhant was waiting for Jasmine for so long…
“I think I should check…” he thinks
Now the concept is over in 3 long hours….
All thanked him n left
Jasmine was about to leave when Parth stopped her
P : Jasmine
J : yes Parth
P : would u mind to accompany me for a coffee
J : Yes why not…after all u helped me so much
Saying this she sat n he ordered 2 coffees
J : thank u so much Parth…it means a lot
P : will u stop ur thank yous…we r friends right??….haa vo alag baat h ki tum mujhe 3 saal se ignore karti hu aapne uss possessive boyfriend ki vajaha se (Ya thats a different thing that u always ignore in these 3 years becoz of ur possessive boyfriend)
This sudden change in topic made Jasmine to think for a while
J : No..no…it…it’s nothing like that Parth….u r misunderstanding
P : Do u really think that I can’t see
J : . . .
J : You know that I love Sidhant n we are in relationship, dont u?
P : N you also know that I like u, dont u?
J : it really doesn’t matters here …
P : it does Jasmine….he is a f**king possessive….correction….an over possessive boyfriend who consider u as his slave…..(he says raising his voice)
J : (yelled) NO HE IS NOT…u are no one to point him…so u better mind ur own business
Within a fraction of second Jasmine got up n turned….but her legs glued up seeing Sidhant standing behind with his closed fist n angry eyes

• • • • • • • • • •

NEXT UPDATE : Pakka wala last episode of past??

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Hellooo lovely ppl
I know I m late
But first these extra classes…. didnt got time
So I n ria thought to divide our work n write
Hope we r entertaining u all
Sorry I wasn’t able to keep up my precap….becoz it was too lengthy
Thanks for ur support
Love u all❤❤

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