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Sizzling love story! Epi-7(Matsh)and naagin

The episode starts with Ishaani comes out..khushi asks did u take bath?ishaani takes pillow and beats her..khushi tells sorry and leaves inside seeing time is running out..Ranveer asks amba about her wish?amba tells i wanted u to marry nice girl..and rich girl..he takes his hand and tells i wanted to marry a middle class girl..whose thought should be similar to mine..she tells him to stop dreaming about middle class..come to high class..she leaves to make ladoo..he tells i will marry a nice girl..he leaves inside room.Khushi comes outside wearing towel..ishaani also stands there wearing towel..khushi asks her why she did not change dress??ishaani tells let us have a dance?khushi tells how?She ons song..they both dance for kala chasma….song……

Shikhar gets ready and comes out of house..he opens car door…he sees shivanya inside and gets shocked..he tries to wake her up..she wakes up and shouts for help,,he asks why r u shouting?she tells u kidnapped me?he asks me?She continues to shout he keeps hand on her mouth..his leg slips and both falls on back seat..allah warriyan plays..She eyes him..they both share an eyelock


Ranveer gets ready and sits in car..driver fails brake wire..ranveer leaves driving..he smiles and tells this time ranveer will die.Ranveer goes on singing..he gets a call from shivanya..she tells about shikhar..he is not getting up..he laughs and tells him to come to senses..shikhar moves away..shivanya warns him to stay away from her..shikhar agrees..shivanya leaves

Ishaani tells khushi it is time and he leaves to office by walk..ranveer tries to put break but fails..he shouts at people who comes before..ishaani sees this and scolds men.ranveer car hits in tree..She sees people crowd and sees ranveer and gets shocked..she calls ambulance and takes him from there to hospital

Precap: Ranveer thnx ishaani for saving him..she tells whoever was there i would have done the same..

thnx for reading and commenting..sorry for not posting this much days..little busy with studies

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