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Simar’s modern look turns Anjali jealous

Simar and Anjali have a dance competition in Anjali’s friend’s birthday party. Anjali challenges Simar. Simar wearing a modern dress tries to fit in Anjali’s lifestyle. She accepts challenge and dances well to teach lesson to her daughter. Simar aims to win Anjali and end her hatred. Simar makes Anjali lose to prove she can break her pride. Anjali does not like court rules and Simar accompanying her everywhere. Anjali scolds Simar and throws drink on her face. She asks Simar to stop her lecture. Anjali gets anger out on Simar. She scolds Simar for dancing in the party and making her lose. Anjali gets jealous as Simar gets all the attention and praise in the party.


Simar has come to talk to Prem about Anjali. She is worried for Anjali’s future and asks Prem to support her. Prem does not agree to support Simar. He tells Simar that he will not let her stand with him in any situation. He says you also know what court will decide, no one can separate him from his daughter. Simar tells the same to Prem, and explains how she came to do settlement, but now she leaves everything on court.

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