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Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 17 final stroke

One month leap
Now suman is perfectly fine
Shr : Now its time to confess my love to suman
He goes office

At evening
A delivery boy comes with a parcel
Delivery boy: Mam parcel for mrs shr malhotra
Suman: Yes I m give it to me
He gives it to suman and leaves suman goes to her room and opens the parcel
The parcel co tains a beautiful black maxi with sleeves and back covered it also contains a diamond necklace with a note
Hey beautiful I have sent you something which I want you to wear in the evening so get ready I am waiting for you at the farmhouse come soon take care


Suman smiles seeing the note and starts getting ready
She was looking amazing in black maxi with diamond eating and brecelt with a beautiful ring and light make up with bunched hairs
Suman: Y shr ask me to wear this something something??? Hahaha lets see
She drives off towards the farmhouse
She reaches farmhouse it was very dark very very dark she as usual starts shivering and shouts : Shrrrr where r u???
Spot light opens and falls on the pictures she see them it was of suman from the childhood till date shr was also present with her in her marriage and after marriage photos
Suman smiles widely: Soooo sweeet Bt shr where r u???
Guitar strts playing and someone starts singing

Me pyar ton vadd,
Tennu pyaar kara,
Tennu sajda sohne lakh vaar kara,

Je din nu tu kehde raat maahi,
Ve me raat samjh aitbaar kara,

Main tere layi duniya nu chaddeya,
Tere layi door apne karre,
Ve mein tennu kinna chaandiyaan,
Eh gal teri soch toh paree,
Me sahan bin saar han sakdi,
Tere bina pall v na sare,
Ve mein tennu kinna chaandiyaan,
Eh gal teri soch toh paree

Guys it is Punjabi version of soch na sake I like it more
Suman turns to find shr and he was standing in front of her he places guitar aside and comes towards suman Shr: Ek baat kehni tho apse??
Suman smiles: I m listening with full attention
Shr bends down on his knees

Shr: I dnt know when how where and why I loved someone I m a akroo khadrroos still I fell in love with some one and truly madly deeply I m foolishly complete fallen for her I never thought I will love someone like that do you know who is she(??
Suman shakes her head in negative
Shr: It’s non other than my beautiful wife mrs suman Sr nalhotra sumn I really realm love u I will keep u happy always I will never let a tear come in ur eyes will you be mine forever????
Suman: Ammmm noooo
Shr: Why???
Suman: U scold me
Shr: Ok promise I will not scold u
Suman: U dnt take me on shopping
Shr: Promise I will take u whenever u will ask
Suman: R…………
Shr: I pro.ise I will do each and everything
Suman: Ammmmm let me think
Shr: My knees r paining come on answer me
Suman: Oh I m sorry come on get up
Shr: But….
She makes him Stand
Suman: Yes I love u and I will be ur forever because I love u more than u love me
Shr: Well that’s not true
Both laughs and hug each other passionately

Mil Jane de dil Jo bane ek dujhe ke vaaste
Shr: How was the surprise
Suman: It was ammmmaaaazzzzziiiiinnngggg shr should I sing a song for u???
Shr: It will be my honour
Shr goes and bring guitar for her
Suman starts singing
Khuch khas h kuch pass h
Kuch ajnabi ehsas h
Kuch dooriyan nazdeekiyan
Kuch Hans pari tanhaeyan
Kia ye khumar h etabar h
Shayed ye pyar h pyar h shyad
Suman places guitar aside
Shr: Bs…….

Suman nods Shr: Lets eat our dinner he goes and pulls chair for her suman sits shr also sit both starts eating looking into each other eyes suman moves her eyes and says : Dnt stare at me
Shr: My wife my eyes. What’s ur problem
Suman smiles shr still stare at her
Both finish dinner
Shr: Will you dance with me???
Suman: Yeah ofcourse
Tere sang yara…….
Khush rang bahara ……
Shr takes suman ham and starts dancing
Tu raaat Devani
Main zard sitara…….
They start dancing romantically
Ho karm khudaya h
Tjhe mjh se milaya h
Tjh PE mar kr hi to
Mjhe jeena aya
Ohh tere sang yara…….
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat devani
Main zard sitaraaaaa
Song finishes and dance also
Suman: Shr u know what u r the SILENCE. Of my love life
Shr: And u r NOISE. Of my love life
Both smile and together say
And both hug eachother
Scene splits on Sharman happy faces
The end
Hey guys what’s up????
First of all I m very sorry I didn’t commented on ur ff or one shot as I was ill sorry I m ill headache sore throat and burning I bb my eyes I read ur ff Bt can’t comment so sorry
Secondly thank u sooooooo much guys for supporting me till my whole ff u guys r superb
Just because of u I finished my ff happily
U guys r amazing

Thirddly Guys I want my all readers to comment on the last part silent readers also plzzzzzz comment and if someone is angry on me then I m realm very soorrrry
Ohk enogh of my talks
Take care
Love u lots

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