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Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 16

Shr was like a dead body himself he was sitting on the floor crying miserably
Wardboy: Sir plz collect the dead body
Shr: She is not dead my wife can’t be dead do u get that
Wardboy: Bt sir……..
Shr: No Bt what ok just go
Wardboy leaves another boy carries the dead body on stretcher
Wardboy: Sir………
Shr sees the stretcher and stands up trmblin wishing that his sumu wake up
He goes towards the stretcher and uncover the face with the trembling hand he sees the face and starts going backward and crashes with the wallthia time he was crying more terribly he sits on the floor and remembers suman wearing pink frock and was looking amazing whereas the women on stretcher was wearing red saree furthermoreshe had no mangalsutar which suman wears everytime then after sseeig her face he realized that it was not his suman she was someoyher lady which he had thought as his wife Bt now it was clear that she was not his wife her wife is alive he was although crying bet this time it ws the tears of happiness Shr was thanking god that he saved his life
Shr: Thank u thank u thank u soooooo much God u saved my life I will never ever forget ur this favour
Than shr remembers that if this is not suman than where might his suman be he runs to the receptionist
Shr: I asked u about my wife suman shr malhotra where is she ?????

Receptionist: Sorry sir let me check……..sir she is room no555 5th floor
Shr: U r gone
Saying this he runs towards the room and sees a man standing outside the room .
Shr: AP??????
Man: I m the truck driver and u????
Shr: Shr malhotra the lady’s. Husband
Man: Thank God u came
Shr: Ya where is my wife???
Man: She is in room she might b concious any moment Bt y u r soo late???? She was very critical Wo to thank God ye Bach gaen
Shr hugs the man : Thank u thank u sooo much u r an angel ( sachi Wala angel anju not u sweety)
Man: Koi nae I think I should leave as u have came
Shr: Ya u ca thanks again
Man: No worries
Man leavesShr enters suman room suman was lying there unconscious with the dressings on her head shr goes and sits near her tears r flowing through his eyes
Shr: I m realm very sorry suman I really dbt knw when I became this much arrogant I realm dnt want to lose u because Shr loves u alot promise me u will never leave me again otherwise u will take me with u ok ???? U r my life I was just about to die when I listened about ur accident I was just ending myself yr dnt do this again to me ok I promise I will not scold u again Bt u also plz dbt play with me no wake up na Yar I wanna listen my name from ur mouth
Shr sits there holding her hand

After half hour
Suman opens her eyes and sees shr
Shr smiles
Suman: Shr …… I m very sorry yar I m really very sorry u didn’t mean to hurt u and……
Shr places his finger on her lips
Shr: Shhhhh I m soory I overreacted sorry
Sumu: U dnt say soory
Shr: Ok u promise me.u will never leave me
Sumu: I promise
Shr : Moti
Suman: Smiles: AP more
Shr also smiles Scene splits in their smiling faces

Precap: One more epi to go

Lets see what happens guys
How r u all?,
Ohk ohk lil busy I m
So suspence revealed happy????
Take care
With love

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