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“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-29 |[Last Episode]

Heyy.. Thank you for appreciating the episodes so much.. And here’s the last episode…. This is the last episode.. I know it was supposed to be 30 but then koi matlab nahi tha.. So here goes the last episode…

Rahul-C’mon answer me.. Do you love me?
Suman nods in no, as tears flow out of beautiful, yet sad eyes..
Rahul- you love Shravan?


Suman silently nodded and left the place crying.. As she was wearing a lehenga and heels, she ran off lifting her lehenga gracefully , removing the heels and holding them in her hand.. (Kinda cindrella scene.. Imagine na, red background and a girl running gracefully in grey lehenga)

She rran of to her room, cried all night..
Shravan came in..

Shravan looks at her, her face dug inside the gap between her legs and chest, and her hands wrapped around the legs.. She was sitting down her back supported by the bed side..

He sat beside her, she knew it was him.. She did not move, or say anything.. He was confused.. What is he supposed to say? To ask her did she love him? Or to apologize for being an a*s? He did not know what to do..
Numerous questions came on his mind.. Should he ask her what the R stood for? Should he apologize? Should he confess? What was he supposed to do?

Nothing could he do or say, he just got up and sat in front of her, his legs crossed and hugged her tight..

It was awkward for both of them, but they hugged anyways, as their position was weird, though comforting..

He could feel her tears being absorbed in his shirt..

Shravan- Suman..

He did not have the courage to say ‘Sumo’ right now, definitely not after what he had done..

She pulled herself off.. He finally saw her face.. Her kaajal all smudged near her eyes, tears flowing continuously and sadness in her lips..

Shravan- I’m sorry..
Suman- why would you do that? I mean seriously, why would you?
Shravan- Sumo, I misunderstood… Please…
Suman-(wiping her tears) how could you even misunderstand? How did you reach that conclusion anyways..??
Shravan- I saw you and Pushkar talking..

(He shares his flashback)

Suman laughed..

Shravan is confused..
Shravan- I don’t understand.. You said you love Pushkar, and he came to conclusion that you hate him??
Suman- we were playing truth and dare..
He gave me a dare to say things that were totally opposite..
I hate shravan and his locket- I love shravan and his locket
I love pushkar- I hate pushkar

Shravan laughed and cried at the same time..

Shravan- how could I ?
Suman- so I guess you heard the half thing and disappeared…
Shravan nodded
Suman- Shravannnnn!

She hugged him tight, this time, sitting on her knees..

He sat up his knees and hugged her back…
They stood there was several minutes, unless they broke the hug by clapping of PreeKar.. All 4 hugged each other..

-Next Morning-

Shravan- GoodBye Rahul !
Suman- I guess I might miss you..
Pushkar- Buh Bye!
Preeti- goodbye my ex-fiance..
All 4- BYEE !!
They wave their hands as Manju pushes Rahul inside the train, and warns him, not to show his face to Suman ever again..

Suman- wait up..

She runs to Rahul, and everyone follows..

Rahul gets happy.. Suman goes close to him, then steps back.. She rubs her hand and then slaps Rahul as hard as she could..

Suman- Pushkar, promise pura ho gaya!

All laugh as Rahul’s train departures..

-Few years later-

‘Oh c’mon.. Kuch toh karo.. It’s our anniversary..’ said Suman..

‘I have job.. Goodbye’ Shravan says and leaves..

At night

Suman gets a text from Pushkar to meet at xyz place

Preeti goes, and looks at the decoration, then jumps up PreeKar and KhuRuv..

‘Surprise !! ‘

Shravan- Happy 2nd Marriage Anniversary
Suman hugs him happily, KhuRuv and PreeKar jump in the hug to..

And it ends here…

So how was the ff guys? Thank you so much for reading it, and most importantly commenting in it.. The episode might have been boring at times, or I might have been quite late in posting the episodes, but your comments have never gotten less.. And that’s something that makes me extremely happy.. !!

Thank you to Ariu Di, Mario di, Fatimah di, Sona, Neeti (leeti too) , sona, meri preettyy preeti, zainab, Shraman’s angel, Niya di, Erica, Kaya, khushi di, angel di, Laddoo, lily, rukhsar, Nandu, ruchi di, balamirra,joe di,and each and every silent reader..

Silent readers, do make this episode special and post comment

Love uh guys loads and loads.. And now listen, about a new ff, I’m not sure, but surely I have few Two-Shots coming up.. Okay? So I’ll be here.. Love you all!

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