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Shraman- Is this love or lust for u (Prologue)

Okay hehe this is sriya back with a few shots/ff on shraman………thanks for your immense love & support in my previous ff I m not sure u would like it or not……or hate it but giving a try….!!
Is this love or lust for u
We see a man dragging a girl ….! she is crying and begging him but he is merciless and ruthless he keeps on dragging her…!

HE: why sumo ha u broke my heart into million pieces u married aditya u betrayed me I can’t believe u could stop this low ha how can you marry him
She: stop it shravan ha because of u aditya divorced me because of u my parents hate me now they don’t want to see my face u became a beast shravan u r no more that old shravan….!
He: ha sumo I became a beast but just because…of u….!


She: I didn’t know shravan ki that my one mistake will change my whole life…!
He: u deserve it sumo u have to pay more for u r deeds
He throws her on the store room and locks the door…..sumo keeps on crying badly…..but he didn’t gave a damn to her……..!

Prologue ends……!

So waiting *waiting* tell me fast if u want me to continue or not because in this ff/few shots because this won’t be like my previous ff they would face many problems to be one because I don’t let anyone to be together so easily like I did in previous ff….!! so bye guys love u all for the support…! tc…..!!!

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