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SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers { EPISODE 14 (pt-1) Shraman mehendi ceremony }

Hey cupcake sweetos how u all are? Well I am toh totally fit & fine..!!!!!! as always…!!!!! okay without wasting more time…!!!!! let’s get into the story…!!!!!!
E-15 {Pt1}
Precap: – haldi ceremony and marriage special episode….!!!!
The next day:
It was a very hot sunny day…!!! the birds are chirping the sun is shining brightly…!!!!!! arre arre where is our bride let’s check she is busy in doing preparations for her marriage..! (rofl haha jise ki shaadi wahi uski tayar kar raha ese ideas mere alwa kis pagal ho sakte hai haha koi nahi tum log pyaar se rakh lena iss ideas ko treasure ki tarah kidding me?) …..!!!!! she spokes arre bhai not here keep the flowers there it will look good there…!!!!
Preeti: arre di aap ki shaadi aur aap bhi tak tayar nahi hu? Iss kam ko chodo aur chalo mere saath tayar bhi toh na hai? Haldi ke liye….!!!!!!!
Sumo: arre tension kyu leti hai preeti acha tikhe chalti hu tere saath…!!!!!!
They left from there…..!!!!!!! after sometime sumo comes down wearing a yellow lehenga with silver border and silver artificial earrings and white heels..!!! with a pink lipstick looking stunning and gorgeous…!!!!!
@Malhotra mansion:
Shravan was getting ready and pushkar helps him…!!!!!!! ( I will put pushkar as p and shravan shr)
P: bhai aaj aap shaadi tak sumo se nahi mil sakte…!!!!!!
Shr: arre ese kaise mai kyu nahi mil sakta arre meri haldi hai toh sumo ki bhi toh hai na? ( khali dhimaag haha rofl)
P: arre bhai haldi toh dono ki hoti hai lekin uski haldi uske ghar mein aur apki haldi apke ghar mein hogi aur riwaaz..!!!!!!!!! riwaaz hota hai mil nahi sakte toh nahi mil sakte no cheating..!
Shr: acha bhai please na aap mere cute se handsome se bhai hona please man jao kaise bhi karke mujhe suman se milwao na plz aage se kabhi nahi tang karunga plz sholly..!!!!!! ( maska lagne mein no 1 hai akhir writer itni talented jo hai rofl haha me? Worst writer ever)
P:acha bacchu tm aur sumo ek baar milte ho toh mere band baaje dete ho..!!!!! aur aaj aakar mere maadat chaiye tujhe..!
Shravan gets up and starts running in the whole house..!!! Pushkar runs after him after sometime they both get tired finally pushkar catches shravan and jumps and holds his ears tightly….!!! shravan winces in pain and shouts ahhh bhai please maaf karde haath pere jood tha hu tere samne please na maaf karde…!
P: tikhe chal maaf kiya aap plan bata kya hai?
Shr hugs him and kisses his cheek in happiness…!!!!! ( haha bromance lol)
P: chi bhai kya kar hai tu chi tu sumo ko dhoka de raha haina mere izzat uchal ne mai laga hai tuh please mujhe koi bachao yeh insaan mere dignity mai haath laga raha hai mai aise waise type ka nahi hu samjha tuh pagalete khali dhimaag wala devil phatoo…! ( nahi type ki words haha rofl me)
Shr: yuck bhai aap ki soch kitni ghatiya hai aaj pata chal bechari preeti bhabi apko kaisi sambhal thi hogi I pity for her…!!!!!!
Pushkar was lol hahaha emotionless rage and anger was clearly visible in his eyes…!!!!!!!!! he starts running after him again..!!!! they ran in the whole house like tom and jerry ( pushkar tom and shravan jerry hahaha tom & jerry nice name na)
He catches hold of shravan but slips and falls on top of him…!
Shravan pushes him and gets up..! he says chi bhai apko sharam nahi aati apki chote ki dignity pe haath utha neki yuck wahhh vomiting aati hai mujhe..! aap ki soch aur harkate ko dekh kar..!
P: chup kar saale ek toh galti karta hai upar se mujhe daath hai aur meri hi wife aur teri bhabi mein pity feel karte hai yuckkkk..! jaa teri maadat nahi karunga bhaad mein jaa tu..!
Shr: no please bhai mere saath ese maat kar pakka aaj ke baad se tujhe kabhi taang nahi karunga…!
P: tikhe maat hu chal plan baata..!

Shravan was super duper happy..! he tells him the whole plan pushkar agrees to it readily..!
Here at tiwari villa:
The haldi function was going on in full swing..! Everyone puts suman haldi..! just at that moment Kamini chachi and nirmala comes there with haldi shagun..! they gave it to her she smiled at them.! They apply haldi on her face..! and bless her..! everyone turn by turn apply haldi on her.! Pushkar reaches there and he too applies haldi to her and tells her to come to her room someone is waiting for her..! she says okay and goes to her room.! Suddenly the door closes…! she was about to shout when one lambu handsome dashing smocking hot boy keeps finger on her mouth..! she looks at him with wide big eyes..! it was none other lambu aka shravan lol…! they both share a cute eye lock..! edkv plays in bg..! they share a deep intense eye lock sumo was lost in his deep brown chocolate eyes…! he too was lost in his eyes…!
Sumo: shravan shravan tum hiya kya… kya kare hai ho woh bhi iss samaya tumhe paata hai na shaadi se pehli milna maana hai? (innocently looking at his eyes)
Shr: don’t try to act innocent in front of me sumo the devil dramebaaz nautanki no1…!
Sumo: shut up u devil…u r not less okay? U were crime in partner of me…!
Shr: okay…..relax sumo I….. I toh wasn’t I was a nerd bookworm shravan who was very innocent (sheds some fake tears) it was u….. u who spoiled me and made me a brat like u (wallah taliya shravan kya acting kar leta hai tu?)
Sumo: ohhh dramebaaz baand kar apna acting samjha ziada mat kar aaya baada innocent kehna wala mujhe bewakoof samjata hai kya tu phatoo devil..! ( new nickname rofl me haha I love nick names)
Shr: shut up sumo I am phatoo okay u r patli sukhdi ms jhalli…!
Sumo: how mean I hate u urghhh leave from my house right now….!


Shr: no I will not leave from her before doing one work for which I came…u will apply me haldi then only I will leave
Sumo: hahaha very funny joke baby I will not apply….!
Shravan comes close to her..! she steps back..!
Shr: I will do na that devil…!
From his nose he touches her cheek…! and rubs over it…! shravan done his work…! he left from window by climbing pipe..! sumo stood there numb she didn’t understand what happened? She became a big lol…!
The haldi function goes in shravan home to everyone applies him turn by turn..! finally the function got over after few hours…!

Precap: {pt2} marriage first night….!

Guys it was super long chappy so I divide this into two parts..! after the second part comes the epilogue and then ending of this ff..! I am sorry for ending it soon but I don’t want to drag it anymore and make it boring it has been very special for me and I won’t ruin it at any cost..! nikko di I am reading ur ff all episodes in one go they all are fantabulous and dear about ur two shots no one can beat u in this entire world cvs read should them and get some brain from ur masterpiece works…!!! I love them a lott and post one reason 2nd part please I beg infront of u bow down” ur the most amazing and adorable writer u have hidden writer in u….!!!! yes girl 13yrs can’t believe the cvs be 50yrs also they will not get ur maturity and brain thinking…!! seriously u should become the story writer of ekdujekevaaste…!!!! it will hit whenever I read ur two shots I feel like I am reading real edkv story..!!!!!! keep rocking girl love ur ts and all writings a lottt….!!!!! ur next to maria di and aru di…..!!!!!! actually when it is ur ts u r more best than them….!!!!!! as they write os and ffs so two shot means nikko di best ever in the entire universe….!!!!!!!! please give me link of ur a to z ts leaving she loved me? Her engagement and one reason because I read them..!!!!!!!

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