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Shakti 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Saya telling Soumya that her mum Nimmi got made Kataar out of ghungroo, oblivious to the fact that destiny doesn’t change. Gurumaa says this is your identity….Soumya says this is not my identity, I will not wear this ghungroo and insists to go to her mum. They lock her up in the room. Guru maa says she is a kid, and will be alright with time. Soumya knocks on the door asking them to open the door and says she can’t stay here. She cries badly…..and says I couldn’t stay here. She recalls how Nimmi used to protect her in childhood and loves her immensely. A fb is shown, Nimmi protects Soumya from Saya and hugs her emotionall. Soumya folds her hands and requests God to make her meet Maa for once, and says she can’t live without her mum and vice versa. She says Maa can’t live without me, and asks God to hear her ardaas. She prays to God to make her meet Nimmi and cries. Nimmi prays to God and asks why she has sent her Somu away and asks her to show some way.


Saya massages Guru Maa’s head and says I am your daughter. She says just like you feel for me, I too feel like Soumya. She says Soumya is shy, and will take time to mingle with everyone. Kinnars come and give their day’s earnings to Guru Maa. Guru Maa tells that they will do the maha bhoj and have to make Soumya change her attire. She calls Mallika to Saya and asks her bring new saree for Soumya. They bring Soumya to Guru Maa. Soumya asks them to leave her. Guru Maa asks if you doesn’t want to stay here then why did you born as Kinnar. She asks them to make Soumya learn how to clap. Kinnar woman claps and asks Soumya to clap. Soumya refuses to clap. Saya says we don’t do this with happiness. Soumya asks her to take her to Nimmi and says my mum will save me. Guru Maa says your mum haven’t drink amrit for increasing her life. She asks Mallika to make Soumya accept their culture. Later Soumya asks a Kinnar woman why do they clap in unsual way. Kinnar woman says so that God can listen to us and stop making Kinnar woman. She says you have to do the same. Soumya refuses to claps and shouts. Kinnar woman claps surrounding her.

Preeto comes to Harman’s room and sees bed empty. She thinks where did Harman go early in the morning, and then finds him sleeping on sofa instead. She gets shocked and leaves. In the morning, Kinnar woman asks Soumya to agree happily. Other woman says you are beautiful among us, and Guru Maa will keep you as rani. They make her sit on chair. Soumya asks what is this and what you people are going to do with me. Saya/Mallika says once Guru maa comes, she will know everything.

Harak Singh comes to Preeto and sees her sadly sitting on bed. He tells her that this is life which makes us learn new chapters daily. Preeto cries and says our destiny is bad. We got our son married and thought he will get happiness of his life, didn’t know that this relation will take away all his happiness. She says he is mad after Soumya and doesn’t take care of himself. She asks him to do something. Harak Singh says I am still alive and breathing, and says I won’t let you and Harman sad and asks her to wait for a moment. He calls Nimmi. Nimmi picks the call. Harak Singh tells her that he got his son married for his happiness, but he is mourning for Soumya. He says lets do wrestling and says I want my son back from you. He says he is worrying about the promise made to you. Nimmi says I will talk to Harman, just because I am worried for him. She says don’t worry, you will get your son back. Harak Singh cuts the call…..

Guru Maa…and gives lauban aarti to Soumya…..Jag begana…nasiba song plays…………She does Soumya’s aarti and welcome her in her community. Soumya recalls Nimmi and her love. Guru Maa asks them to do the rituals. They pour water on her head to give her bath….Soumya reminisces Harman and thinks about Nimmi wiping off her sindoor after Harak Singh forces Harman to fill her maang. Guru Maa asks Soumya to wear the given saree.

Saya asks the woman to make Soumya ready. They make Soumya ready like them.. Soumya looks at herself. Saya says I have identified you in your childhood. You are most beautiful and no one will born like you in our community.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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