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Shakti 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Surbhi telling Preeto that they were about to take Soumya very far from them, from where she would have never returned, and asks her to tell where is Soumya? Harak Singh asks her to stop it and says I am a Punjabi, if I love someone, it is strong from heart and once I hate someone, I hate to the core. He asks them to get out. Nimmi requests him to tell. Preeto shouts and closes the door on their faces. She thinks what will happen now? Shanno thinks this is Preeto’s karam. Harak Singh asks his family not to let this news go outside, else he will shoot the person leaking the info. Maninder is relieved and thinks he got happiness today. Saya is taking Soumya in her truck. Harman stops his car and thinks where to search her. He thinks of taking selfie with her and gets an idea. Surbhi asks Nimmi to take care of herself. Nimmi says from where we will search her. She tells your Papa went out early in the morning. Surbhi says do you think he is involved. Nimmi says don’t know and asks her to call Maninder. Maninder drinks wine happily and thinks he will not ruin his happiness by picking their phone call. Surbhi asks her not to lose hope and says we will find her.


Nimmi tells Surbhi that Saya took Soumya away. Surbhi asks her to call her. Nimmi calls her, but the phone is off. Nimmi cries and says we have lost her. Surbhi asks her not to lose hope. Harman searches for Soumya on the road by showing her pic to the people walking on road. He thinks if I shall file missing complaint with the police, then thinks what I will tell them, thinks he can’t take police help. Nimmi tells Surbhi that Saya took a room on rent near Soumya’s sasural and asks Surbhi to come.

Harman feels helplessness and thinks where to find her. He thinks why didn’t you keep your phone with yourself. He looks at the bangles, and reminisces asking her to demand anything from him. He recalls buying saree, bangles, sweets and jewellery for her. He thinks our relation was not destined. I couldn’t give you gifts and couldn’t keep up my promise made to Mummy ji. Surbhi and Nimmi comes to Saya’s house. Owner asks if she is Nimmi and says Saya went yesterday and have left a letter for you. She reads her letter. Saya writes that she has won from destiny. She says I am not happy with my win and writes that once she thought that Harman’s family will also accept her lile Harman did, but it didn’t happen. She writes, I will know her, and will keep her with love, like you used to do. She will get a good life and respect here. I am taking her far from you. She promises that if Soumya is unhappy in their world then she will bring Soumya back to her, but my heart says that she will accept our world. Nimmi reads the letter and cries.

Nimmi is shattered and walks on the road in shock. Surbhi asks her to stand on side, and goes to get a cab. Nimmi spots a woman and runs to get her. Surbhi runs after her asking her to stop. She gets hit by the car. Surbhi shouts Mummy. Harman stops his car and asks where is Soumya? He asks God, why you are playing game with me. Soumya couldn’t hear me, but you can hear me naa. He asks why did you make humans and if you have made then why did you give heart to us. He says this heart made us smile when happy, made us cry when in pain, and shouts in troubles. He asks why did you give emotions to us, and shouts why??? He says after knowing her truth, I have started hating her, but now I am feeling bad for her, even after knowing that she can’t be mine. This heart have accepted her mine, and I am feeling bad when she left from here. He asks why this heart is paining…..

He questions God and asks why this is happening. He says you can’t reply as you don’t exist, if you have been here then you would have helped me meet Soumya. He says how will you understand the pain of losing the loved ones, and will never understand. He says you will not understand my heart pain. He cries and shouts Soumya. He says where are you….

Soumya is made to sit on chair while the Kinnars surround her. They put water on her head and asks her to accept her reality happiness, says you are beautiful among us.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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