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Shakti 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman couldn’t see Saya taking Soumya in truck. Preeto gets a call. Harman comes home and runs inside the house. He asks Preeto about Soumya and calls her name. He checks her in the room and house worriedly. He opens cupboard and sees her clothes. He thinks where did she go suddenly. She can’t go without meeting me and wonders what is happening. He sees Soumya’s phone there and asks Preeto where is Soumya? Why you haven’t picked my call. Preeto finishes her tea and says I don’t know where is my phone. Harman asks where is Soumya? Preeto asks him to bring Raavi first. Harman says Raavi will come and asks where is Soumya. Harak Singh asks Preeto to answer Harman. Preeto says she went to that place, where she belongs to. Harman asks where did you send her. Preeto says she

was not suitable for you. She says she don’t deserve this home or community. She doesn’t have the right to stay with us. Harak Singh says what nonsense. She is our bahu. Harman says she is my wife. Preeto says she is not your bahu and your wife as only a woman fulfill these relations, and Soumya is not a woman but a Kinnar. Everyone is shocked.

Harak Singh is shocked and says Kinnar…What did you say? Preeto says I am saying truth. She tells Harak Singh that she came to know just yesterday. Varun smiles. Preeto asks him to accept and says you was calling her bahu rani, but she has betrayed us. She was a liar and a betrayal. Harak Singh holds his head shockingly. Preeto says I have sent her to Kinnar’s world, where she belongs. Harman asks what did you do? She is Kinnar later, but my wife and friend first. Varun smiles evilly. He says just 1 day, and she was about to go from our lives. He says Soumya is a kinnar, but she is not betrayal and a liar. He says it is my life and why you are interfering. He says why did you kick my friend out. He says you have tried to save my life and ruined Soumya’s life. Preeto is shocked and slaps him. She says you knows everything…..Everyone is shocked. Preeto says Soumya said right that you have promised to protect her. You gave her shelter here and knows everything. She says you used to play manly games with your father and do wrestling. She asks don’t you have shame to support a Kinnar. She asks if man’s blood stopped running in your blood.

Harman asks what nonsense? Did you get mad? Harak Singh says she is saying right. I will support truth always. You knows that she is a Kinnar, you have hidden truth with us and wanted to spend life with her. Nimmi and Surbhi comes. Harman says I didn’t think to spend life with her, but wanted to save her life. He says Soumya was to go after 1 days. He says you didn’t let her stay and asks where to find her.

Nimmi and Surbhi come inside. Nimmi says it seems we came late. Harak Singh stops them and asks them to leave. He calls him shameless, and says my name is Harak Singh and I am Punjabi. He says I would have given my life if asked. He asks don’t you have any shame to give your Kinnar daughter for my tiger son.

Harak Singh blames them for getting his son married to a Kinnar. Harman asks what was their mistake. He says they tried to tell you, but you got us married on gun point. A fb is shown. He says they tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen to anyone. A fb is shown, Nimmi opposing the marriage. Harak Singh says I didn’t lock anyone’s mouth and asks why didn’t you tell me then. Did mad dog have bitten me to get my tiger son married to your kinnar daughter. Nimmi says what I would have told that she is a kinnar then they would have taken her to her world. She says how I would have saved her, and says people will thought her characterless, then they would have kill her. Harman says Nimmi tried to told me truth, but I didn’t give her a chance as I was in different world. A fb is shown. Harman promising Nimmi that even if he comes to know that Soumya is a candle doll then also he will not back off from his responsibility. He says Nimmi stopped from saying truth.

Harak Singh holds his head and says I have gone mad. He says this siyappa happened when I came to know that you have eloped with a girl and have spent night with her. I thought you have spent night with her and everything is done. He says my family name was ruining and I tried to save it. He says didn’t you know that she was a kinnar. Harman asks him to mind his tongue and says you are telling this infront of a mum and her damad. He asks him to respect his upbringing and asks did you hope this from me. Harak Singh asks him to mind his tongue and is about to slap him.

Harman stops Harak Singh’s hand, and says you have said wrong, not I. He apologizes. Preeto says you are misbehaving with your dad for Kinnar. Harman says if I am wrong then he can cut my head. He says I am supporting truth. He says Soumya is not betrayal and I am just supporting truth. He says Soumya didn’t know that she was a kinnar and when she came to know then she informed me. Nimmi says yes, he said right and tells that even Soumya was unaware that she was a kinnar as I got her isolated from the world. She cries and says I was everything for her. She saw only the world which I showed her. I wanted to give normal life to you, and when I met her, I thought Harman will protect her but he couldn’t change her destiny. She apologizes and asks where is my daughter. Preeto says this is nautanki.

Harman says how did you know about her sacrifices she has done since 21 days, and calling it nautanki. He says mummy ji have been protecting Soumya till now. He tells Preeto that he will find Soumya somehow and says it is my promise. He picks his phone and tells Harak Singh and Preeto that he doesn’t know what they will call Soumya and his relation or if they will give bad name to their relation, but one thing is sure that he will bring Soumya home, and says she will not go to stay with Kinnars, never. He says I have promised a mum and Soumya, and I, Harman Singh knows how to fulfill the promise. He goes insearch of Soumya. Preeto tells Nimmi, did you see? You are very lucky. She says you gave birth to a daughter like stone, but got a diamond like damad. She says your destiny is good. She says my son Harman fought with us for your kinnar daughter. She says little did he know that she went so far from him that he can’t bring her back. She asks them to leave. Nimmi requests her to tell where is Soumya? Preeto refuses to tell and says they are not doing anything to them. She says we have no relation with you people. Surbhi tells her that they were about to take her from here, so far from them and asks her to tell where is Soumya. Harman searches for Soumya and says where are you? Saya tells Soumya that she is going to the place, where she belongs, and asks her to get ready for different world. Soumya is unconscious.

Maninder tells Bebe that God is great. Surbhi says I came to know that you are a cheap man. Maninder says I have sent her to her world. Nimmi asks him. Maninder confirms again happily. Nimmi beats him. Maninder raises his hand to slap her, but Surbhi holds his hand stopping him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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