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Shakti 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Maninder seeing Nimmi sleeping and recalls Surbhi telling that she will go and bring Soumya back home, even if she has to tell the world that her sister is a kinnar. He recalls Bebe asking her to handle everything wisely. He sits at Nimmi’s bed side. Nimmi wakes up shockingly and asks what happened? Maninder asks did you remember when we talked nicely to each other last time. He says I don’t remember. He tells even if I tell truth then you think me wrong. I thought everything will be fine between us now, but nothing happened. He says Surbhi is my life and if anything happens to her then….He requests her to make Surbhi’s life alright and says I will not ask anything from you. He asks why you are not telling anything. Nimmi says you have love for Surbhi, and I have yearned


to see same love for Soumya too. She tells that day never came. God gave her incomplete life, and she could had got both of her parents’ love, but she got only my love. She says I know you loves Surbhi truly, but I don’t know if she will agree to my sayings or not….

Someone brings the list and gives to Saya and Guru Maa. Saya reads about the missing babies list, and reads it out. She suspects two families who have disowned the baby. Soumya asks how did you know? Saya says they know what even Police couldn’t find. Rani asks why you are doing this? Soumya says so that nobody disowns their baby and no baby stays without her mother. Surbhi thinks she will find such goons everywhere and thinks she would have gone with proper planning. She calls Harman, but he doesn’t pick the call. Nimmi comes and tells her that Harman did enough for them, and says it is okay now. She tells that Mata Rani will bring Soumya back to her and says she is sure. She says she has been hearing taunts of giving birth to a kinnar daughter and says if you ruin your life like this then they will taunt me for ruining your life. Surbhi asks her to sit, and says I am not searching her so that she meets you, but that even I love her and wants my sister. She promises to bring Soumya back to her and is hopeful.

Harman comes somewhere and thinks he don’t want to hear Soumya’s name again. He talks to God and says I don’t trust you. If you tell her anything then she will again commit suicide. A goon spots Harman and thinks he is the one who had beaten us before, and thinks to teach him a lesson. He calls his goons and asks them to come fast.

Soumya and Kinnars go to a house, and asks if a girl is born in your house. Woman says yes. Soumya says you have left baby on Kinnar’s door. Woman shouts at her and says that her son and daughter in law took the baby to her nani’s house. Kareena says she might be someone else baby, and tells that they would have been ashamed seeing us if Kinnar was born in their house. They leave. Surbhi also reaches there, thinks that Kinnars will come there to take the nek. She rings the door bell and asks if a baby is born in their house. They say yes, and tells that Kinnars came just now and asking about the baby. Just now they left to sector 3. Surbhi shows Soumya’s pic and asks if she came too. Woman and her husband identify Soumya. Surbhi gets happy and leaves to Sector 3. Soumya and Kareena reach sector 3 house, and see people mourning for Amrit’s death. Kareena sees the man who had left Amrit at their door, and tells Soumya to hide. They hide. That man leaves. Kareena says now we can meet her mum. Harman tells that he is standing nowhere and couldn’t see his loved ones pain. Just then goons come there and hits on his head with stick suddenly. Harman gets shocked, turns and sees the goons.

Surbhi couldn’t see Soumya as she sits in car. Harman asks goons why they are hitting him on his back and fights with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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