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Shakti 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raavi waking up Harman. Harman shouts at her and says he don’t want tea. He says I am not waking up as I don’t want to wake up, and asks her to go. Guru Maa Saya to send some kinnars to someone’s house as grand son is born in his house. Soumya tells her that she is kept captive in their house, and was given food to keep her alive. Saya tells Guru Maa to give some time to Soumya and says she will handle her. Guru Maa says it is okay and says she is showing attitude to her loves ones. Raavi cries and complains to Preeto that Harman has insulted her. Preeto says your brother is a pure gold. Raavi says he always insults me. Just then Harman comes there talking to Surbhi, and says he is not her jija and asks her to file police complaint. Surbhi asks what you are saying and says


she will fall weak. Harman says did I sign contract with you to search her, and says your mum have broken relation with me naa. Surbhi is shocked. Harman cuts the call. Surbhi thinks now she has to find Soumya alone. Preeto suspects on Harman’s changed behavior and shares her concern. Harak Singh says change in behavior is good for life. Harman asks Preeto to give tea. Harak Singh asks him to go to factory. Harman says okay, and tells Preeto that he will have food in factory. Preeto asks Varun to go with him and keep eye on him also. Varun says okay.

Soumya refuses to have food. A little girl comes there and tells that even she don’t want to eat though. She tells that her name is changed to Juhi now. Juhi tells her sad story to Soumya which brings tears in her eyes. Juhi says she misses her family, but Guru Maa doesn’t allow her to go, and said that her family don’t want her back. She says she don’t like to stay here, and wishes to go to school. She says one day I will ask my family why did they send me here, and asks her to have food with the hope of meeting her family. Guru Maa and Saya smiles. Guru Maa says she knows Soumya’s weak point.

Varun asks Harman to do MBA and says you are very sharp. Harman says business works with intelligence and not with MBA. Preeto says you have come home and says I will make food for you. Harman says he is very happy and asks Harak Singh to share peg with him. Harak Singh says my tiger is in happy mood now, and goes with him. Preeto asks Varun, if Harman tried to search Soumya or anything. Varun says no, and says today was good, he is trying to forget her and will forget her soon. Preeto thinks thank god, whatever I did yesterday (drama of suicide) was necessary.

Harak Singh says I am very happy to drink wine with you, and says you made me proud today. He drinks wine and shares peg with Harman. He says I don’t have words to express my feelings and says I want to be friendly with you today. Harman says you are cunning man for the workers of factory and for your son. Harak Singh is shocked and says I couldn’t digest this fact. He says I am your father for your info. Harman says I know. He says your rules are different, if you do anything wrong then it is right and if I do right then it is wrong. Harak Singh says I will go now and asks him to continue. Harman challenges him to drink more. Harak Singh agrees and competes with Harman. Harak Singh gets drowsy after drinking much. Harman asks him to wake up and says I want to drink more. He then tells him good night and goes to his room. Once he comes to his room, he reminisces Soumya asking him to have food, and says this room makes me remember you and says I want to end all your memories, and it have to be go far from me. He breaks the wine bottle.

He messes up the room and breaks the things. Preeto and Varun gather outside his room and asks what happened? Harman says I am okay, and says he is not running behind Soumya and want to end some of her memories. Varun says there is nothing in room and says everything is burnt. Harman says there is so much left in the room, her soft voice, feel, smell etc. He says Harak Singh and Preeto can’t erase her memories and says only I can erase it. He says I don’t need anyone. Preeto and Varun looks on tensedly. Harman pulls the mattress and finds sweater and a letter for him. He says Soumya’s letter and starts reading it.

Harman tells that Soumya is in his heart and asks her to go away from his heart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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