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Shakti 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Kinnars giving bath to Soumya as they pour water on her head. Guru Maa asks Soumya to take saree. Soumya looks on helplessly. Sad song plays…..Harman meets Nimmi and asks where is Soumya? If you got any news about her. I tried to find her everywhere. Nimmi says Soumya is in her world, and says she is apologetic to him. Harman says I am like a son to you and asks her not to apologize to him. Nimmi says Soumya is her world and she called you here to break relation. She says Soumya is just my responsibility. Harman says you gave Soumya’s responsibility to me. Nimmi says Soumya is not your responsibility and tells that he has responsibility towards his family. She says you are free from relation now. Harman doesn’t accept her words and tells that Soumya is not only his responsibility, but also his part of life. He says you used to call me son, and now Harman ji. This is not right. He says he can’t sit idle waiting for her to return and says he will search her. Nimmi asks him not to do anything. Harman promises her that he will bring Soumya anyhow, and asks her to promise that if she gets any info about her then she will let him know. Nimmi agrees.


Soumya refuses to get any kind of makeup of her face. Saya says you will look more beautiful in this make up. Rishte Naate plays…………..Saya says I have identified you in your childhood, and says you are beautiful among us, and nobody will like you among us in future. Guru Maa comes and sees her dressed as Kinnar. She looks at the mangalsutra and says this is not needed. She holds it. Soumya says no, and says it is my mangalsutra and I will not take it out. Saya says it is inauspicious. Soumya says it is my suhaag memory….my Harman ji’s last memory. Saya says suhaag is for married woman and we are kinnars. She takes off her mangalsutra. Soumya shouts Harman ji. She says I did whatever you asked me to do, you would have agreed to let me keep it. Why did you snatch my mangalsutra. Guru Maa asks her to forget her past, wipe her tears and come with her. She takes Soumya with her to do puja. Soumya is asked to do puja and present flowers infront of Goddess. Soumya keeps flowers infront of Goddess. Guru Maa asks her to do aarti, and pray. She asks Soumya to seek strength from God so that they can give happiness to others, and get happy with whatever they get in return and then they bid adieu to their incomplete life, and asks God not to reborn them as Kinnars again. Soumya tells with much difficulty.

Someone comes and says Chadda sent me for the inauguration of the temple. Harak Singh says it is good. Man says we want your daughter in law to do sthapana of the temple, and says we got her name written on the temple stone. Harak Singh says she can’t come as she is unwell. Man says how can it be possible and asks him to bring his bahu happily to temple. Harak Singh gets angry and beats the man. Man says you didn’t do right. Preeto tries to calm him down, and asks him to control his anger. Harak Singh says my heart is wrenched. He says everything is fake. Preeto says I didn’t like her from day one. He says what I will tell you everyone and how to go out of house. Viren asks him to be patient, and says everything will be good. Nimmi talks to God and says I kept my daughter’s name as Soumya as it means strength and it is one of your name. She asks God to give her strength and help her. Kinnars give gifts to Soumya. Guru Maa says Soumya have stepped in her new life, and now she wants new name. She asks what name do you want? Soumya is shocked. Kinnar woman asks her to select a name and says you are lucky to be given liberty to select a name. Soumya says I don’t want to change my name as it is kept my Maa. Guru Maa says no and asks Saya to select her name. Saya/Mallika selects Tarana as her name. Guru Maa says Tarana is her new name now and asks everyone to start maha bhoj…

Soumya is in the kitchen and thinks these people had snatched her mangalsultra and Harman’s last memory. She says I may be nothing to you, Harman ji…but you are everything to me. I will keep your memory with me. She says they have snatched my mangalsultra, but they can’t wipe your name from my hands. She says that day you had stopped me from writing your name, but today I will write your name so that no one can wipe it. She writes Harman on her hand with knife, in hindi…and says Harman ji…Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……………She feels dizzy because of blood loss..

Kinnars tell that Maha Bhoj was good and says Soumya/Tarana is lucky. They see Soumya unconscious and blood coming out from her hand. They panic. Saya comes and asks them to take Tarana to room. Guru Maa sees Harman written on Soumya’s hand and looks angrily. She checks her fever and says she is alright and will be fine. She asks everyone to go and do their work. Saya wipes the blood on her hand and bandages it. Guru Maa tells Saya that Soumya doesn’t want to get ready for new life and more time we will give her, she will invite more troubles. She says you know what to do? Saya says yes.

Preeto comes to Harman while he is sleeping and says my son is upset with me. She says whatever I did was for your betterment. She says your sympathy with Soumya would have ruined you. Harman wakes up, cries and says I lost from the society and couldn’t stop Soumya from going. Preeto says God is the one who decides everything. She cries and says Soumya will be happy with her people and will accept them. She asks them to get up and have his favorite pulao.

Saya comes to Soumya and asks her to have food. She says I can understand and says it is essential for life. She asks if your hand is paining and says everyone is behaving nicely with you as they know what you are going through. She says Guru Maa patience is lose. She says Kinnars are like deserted land and asks her to stop dreaming, and kill all her dreams else her life will be difficult. She asks her to have food and come out. Soumya cries thinking about Nimmi, Harman, Surbhi….and says take me away from here. She says I know you all might be searching for me, to take me away from here. Shesays I feel suffocated here, take me away and cries.

Nimmi feels as if Soumya called her. Just then someone comes and says Harak Singh sent this stuff from his home. Maninder says what it could be. Bebe checks the box and says it is Soumya stuff. They have sent it. Maninder says her stuff can’t be inside home, and throws it. Surbhi picks the boxes and tells Maninder that she is taking boxes in Soumya’s room. She tells Nimmi that they will keep it safely and when Soumya returns, we will give her. Maninder asks her not to give false hope to Nimmi, and says Soumya will never return. Beeji asks Maninder not to sprinkle on their wounds. Surbhi says we will bring Soumya back anyhow. Maninder feels lost with his own daughter.

Guru Maa blesses Kinnars and asks them to take Tarana also with them. Kinnar woman asks Soumya to come. Soumya says I don’t want to go. Saya says you have to go, there is no question of no and asks her to agree silently. They take her forcibly. Saya asks God to give her strength. Varun and Harman are in the car. Varun tells him that he has decided right by joining office. He says lets go to party today and says may be your taste changes after seeing girls. Harman gets angry and asks him to get down the car, and complete the work given by Harak Singh. Varun says I didn’t mean that and asks why you are getting angry. Harman asks him to get down. Varun gets down the car and looks on.

Kinnars come to a function. They are asked to sit. Soumya sits while others dance in the function. A man sees Soumya and thinks she is beautiful, she can’t be Kinnar. He asks Kinnars to make Soumya dance as well. Soumya is sitting scared. Man asks them to make Soumya dance. Harman sees Kinnar woman begging infront of a man, and he asks her to dance. Harman recalls mistreating Soumya. Man asks Soumya to dance and shows money. Kinnar says I will dance. Man says no, I will see Soumya’s dance only.

Harman sees Kinnar asking man to go home and see his wife dance. Man asks her to dance. Harman gets angry, gets down the car and beats the man. Man asks why did you slap me? Harman says she is a kinnar and says even they have respect. Man asks if you have any relation with Kinnar. Harman recalls Soumya and says I have relation with them, and asks him not to misbehave with Kinnars again. Man holds Soumya’s hand and asks her to dance. Soumya pushes him. Man falls down. Soumya gets scared. Man gets angry.

Harman asks Maninder to tell where is Soumya. Nimmi asks him to stop. Harman tells that Soumya is one among them and have full right to stay with them. He asks her to come inside and says I need to talk. He asks her to tell everything. Nimmi shows the letter and tells him about Saya staying in the near by house. Harman reads the letter and goes to that house. He beats the man and asks him to tell where did that Kinnar go? Man refuses to tell. Harman points gun at his head. Man gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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