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shades of love (devakshi) Intro

Hey guys … this is deeksha … vaise many of u don’t know me.. im a silent reader… and this is my first FF on krpkab…im jst giving the intro tell me if u guys like it so ill continue…
Basicly my story is about devakshi and D4… I think u all know about D4 … it used to air in channel V … im jst combining these two…dev, sona , Mikhail , baby will be the main leads… and charecters will be shown later…

So coming to the intro…
Dev sinha : a big buissiness tycoon… very arrogant person to the world… for him his sister is life…he dosent share any thing so fastly… some thing like introvert… but the only person he talks his hear out is baby… his sister…basically he is attitude personality but he himself donno what happens to him when he is wid sona…:p
Niharika sinha : a girl wid full of simplicity…she loves her brother and can go to any extent for him.. very naughty character… she loves dance and is planning to join D4 acadamy of arts… she has two BFFs sonam and amar..


Sonakshi bose: friends call her sona … she is from a very rich family and is best nutritionist of delhi… she does this work because of her passion… Mikhail is her small brother… ofcource a sister love her brother.. but sona … she is jst fed up covering miks naughty antics… she gets some night mares… and when she get them she will become out of control…only Mikhail can contoll her…

Mikhail bose:he is brother of sona the only heir of bose group of industries(because sona is in different field)…loves dance and is a best student of D4 acadamy…its jst 3 months he joined D4 acadmy but he left his sign there leaving countless girl fans behind him…. He is adopted brother of sona… respects sona a lot…In one word sona is world for Mikhail….
Arjun sinha : founder of sinha group of industries… he is jst the founder but after dev has enterd the company sinha groups became one of the biggest group in india.. he loves baby a lot.. baby is his little angel….


Radhika sinha.: she is a full to different charecte rin family … what she loves is fun fun and fun…she hate dev because he is not fun loving…(she jst scolds him to enjoy his life or else her children are her life…) she loves taking pictures and irritates arjun a lot….
Bijoy bose: founder of bose group of industries… he wants Mikhail to continue his buissiness after him(as he is a box full of talent) but Mikhail has some different goals in life…he never forces Mikhail to join company but its jst his wish…

Asha bose: motjer of mikhail and sona … she loves children a lot… she is also a fun loving personality not like a serial saas… for her Mikhail and sonas happiness matters the most so she is like a china wall for Mikhail… she supports him in all tough times when he said he is going to be a dancer…
And there are many more charecters which will be shown later if u people like it and if I continue…

So hows it guys these are the charecters… main leads… the story mainly runs upon their love stories…and reason behind sonas night mares…(note:this is not like mastaangi it different) and thee is some one who is behind babys life… so how will dev save his sisters life… how will devakshi meet.. and how will baby Mikhail fall in love… whom is the person who is behind baby and why….? If u guys wanna know all this please do comment because my decision to continue or not will depend upon ur reviews… so please please comment if u like…. Criticism accepted… 

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