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Secretive Love || OS || Ek Duje Ke Vaste || BY Anushika

Hi guys,Thanks a lot for all your comments on the promo..
So I am here with the OS,It is going to be long…So alerting you already.

Let’s start:
In the RAW bureau:


Guy:My brothers duty is at most important to me and that’s why I have assigned you to take care of him,Suman
Suman: Sir,Don’t worry I will do my best.But how will be with him??
Guy:Come with me to mg cabin,I will tell you.
Suman and the guy go to the cabin.

Guy:You will stay near him by becoming his wife.
Suman:Okay,but how will that happen?
Guy:I will introduce you to Shravan as my friend and that you are a good and I want you to get married to her.I have full belief that he won’t decline me
Suman: Yes sir.
Guy:We will go to him tomorrow.
Suman:I will pack my clothes and book my flight.
Guy:Just a few points
1)Don’t call me sir,Call me Pushkar only
2)Shravan is short tempered
3)He should not know that I have sent you
4)Keep your gun carefully,hidden by him.
Suman:Yes Sir
Pushman leave for Shravan’s house next morning.
Shravan: Hello Bhaiya
Pushkar:Hello Shravan
Shravan: Come inside
Pushman go inside.
Shravan: Who are you??
Suman was about to reply but Pushkar interrupted.
Pushkar: She is my friend,I want you to marry her.
Shravan becomes quiet and says
I am ready only because you are saying.
Shraman have a court marriage..
After 6 months: They were no signs of threats but Suman still remained his wife.
Every morning,Shravan used to enquire about Sumo’s job but she told him to trust him and she will reveal it to him when time comes.
Shravan had started loving Sumo but Suman sealed her heart as she was here due to work.

Shravan had a younger sister Kavya who came to live with them for 1 week.

Kavya didn’t like Suman and made a plan to create distance between them.
Shravan was always dependent on Sumo for giving her files, watch etc to him.
One morning when Kavya was there:
Shravan: Sumo,I have a very important meeting,get me the file I asked you to bring.
Suman goes to the place where she kept the file but it was not there. She looks around for it but can’t.
Shravan screams at her rudely for not finding it.Sumo is in tears while Kavya enjoys seeing this.
Just before Shravan’s meeting:
Shravan was frantic about not finding the file but for some reason he felt that Sumo Will send it to him.
There was a knock on the door.
Shraman.. Come in
W.S(Shravan’s PA):Sir,Mam gave the file for your meeting. She said sorry because it is a little blackened on the side.
Shravan: Where is she??
W.S:She left.
Shravan thinks that she might have some work.
The meeting goes successful and Shravan was extremely happy.
Shravan goes home in enjoy.
He sees Sumo bandaging her burnt right hand.He gets worried and moves to her to help her bandage.
At first Sumo doesn’t mind Shravan helping her.But when she remembers the morning incident she pulls her hand back.
Suman: You don’t need to take the trouble.
Suman moves to her room and goes and lies down to sleep. She remembers about how she got the file from Kavya who was burning the file.Sumo had burnt her hand to extinguish the fire.
Her thoughts are disturbed when she hears the ringing of her special phone.She senses trouble and picks it up immediately.
Pushkar: 10 people have come to attack Shravan and he is moving out to the garden.Stop him immediately and fight them till I arrive.
Suman:Yes sir.
Suman immediately takes her gun and puts it in her pocket. She runs to Shravan.
Shravan was feeling sad,upset and guilty. When Sumo runs to him.
Suman:Where are you going?
Shravan:This is my house I can go wherever I want.
Suman was about to say when Shravan moves out. A person comes to attack Shravan but Sumo shoots him in time.Shravan looks shocked.
Suman: Shravan go inside there is trouble.
Shravan: But you??
Suman:Don’t worry,Here take this blue tooth and talk to Sir he will explain you everything.
Suman gives him the blue tooth while Shravan runs inside. He goes up to his rooms window to see what’s happening and he will also be able to talk to Pushkar.
Shravan: Can you explain me what’s happening??
Pushkar: Relax,Suman is a RAW agent along with me
Shravan: What??
Pushkar: Yes and she married you on my say because there was danger near you.
Shravan: But her right hand is burnt
Pushkar: She is not a darpok like you,Right I need to stop talking to you but call me if any problem arises.
Shravan is shocked to see Suman fighting so valiantly even after being shot and burnt.
He wanted to scream and ask her if she was alright but he knew that they will kill him if they come to know that he was here.
Suman with much difficulty kills all the ten when she feels a thud on her head,she turns around and sees Kavya.She falls down unconscious but before that She shoots her leg.
Shravan is shocked to see Kavya there Pushkar arrives in time and arrests Kavya. Shravan runs to Pushkar.
Shravan: I thought she was our sister.
Pushkar: She had enmity for you and thus planned this attack on you..You wait here,I will go see Sumo.
Shravan: I will come with you.
Pushvan see Sumo lying in a pool of blood.
Shravan who was afraid of blood backs of while Pushkar takes a water bottle and splashes it in Sumo’s face.Sumo gets Up immediately .
Suman: Sorry Sir.
Pushkar: It’s okay..
Shravan joins them.
Pushkar: You can divorce Sumo now because there is no more threat.
Shravan gives a fake smile.
Shraman divorce…
After the divorce, Shravan misses Sumo and thinks to tell his bro about his feeling for Sumo.

Later in the bureau
Shravan: Bhaiya, I love Sumo.
Pushkar: I know that.
Shravan jaws drop and say how?
Pushkar: on the phone when I had called you during the attack. You were showing so much care and affection of her that’s when I understood. Sumo is fine marrying you
Shr :Bhaiya I love you.
Shraman marriage happens and after 5 yrs….They have a boy and a girl child
Boy’s name was Zainab
Girl’s name was Marie and Zainab used to call her Weird Sister…

Soo guys I am done with the one,O cut short it because of my ongoing exams.Sorry!!!. Lots of Love Anu

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