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hey guys, I’m really sorry I couldn’t reply to any of you as I told you I am having my xams now and is having a tight schedule.
I just wanted to remind u all that this is a ragsan ff and not raglak. so I am planning to end this track.

Inside Ragini’s car


R: Oh damn I forgot my clutch and the house keys are in it. I think I should go back and get it myself.

she turns the car and head towards the college.

@ college

Ragini parks her car and gets out and goes to the garden to search for her clutch but doesn’t find it there. she gets surprised as all the arrangements has been removed from there.

R (to herself): wow I must say lucky is really fast in doing these things. he cleaned the place within a jiffy that too all alone where is it needs at least 2 or 3 people who completed it this fast.
but , where is he? maybe he left..
anyways, perhaps I might have left my clutch in the auditorium.

she goes to the auditorium and when she reached near its door she heard Lucky’s voice. he was talking to someone. when she peeped through the door she saw him talking to James and Francis ( Lucky’s frnds) and thought that they might have helped him with the arrangements.
She was heading inside when she heard them talking.

J: wow Laksh, I’m totally impressed. at last u did it.

F: yeah. but now what?

L: nothin . I will be a very good bf and after a few years I will marry her.


L: yeah, I’ve done all these for that only.
she is a trillionaire, the only daughter of Shekhar Gadodia,. one of the kings in business world. and only if I marry her I would be able to enjoy all these lavishness and luxuries, and I don’t think she needs not much more than the fake love and cheesy lines and that too only till I get these for myself.

F: u have already started making plans for ur future from now on. not bad.

L: From now!
actually I started making plans from the day I got to know she is R2G international’s only heir.
our regular meetings, bunking of classes was all part of my plans for making her get more attached towards me.
Even the thugs who attacked us were hired by me. I thought I would get a bit of a sympathy through which I could make her fall for me. But to my surprise, she had already fallen for me and confessed it making it more easier for me.
and then all I need to do was just hang around with her.

J: but Laksh, when she had already confessed that she loves you then what was the need such grand date?

L: wellll, that was to make our relationship stronger. Now she trusts me more than anything.
And u know what, she is so naive who trusts everyone.

Here Laksh was telling his frnds how he made rags fall for him but at the door rags was on her knees crying vigorously. After a few minutes she stood up and matched towards Laksh. Laksh didn’t see her as he was facing the opposite side.
she made him turn and she slapped him hard.

R: how dare u? how dare you do this to me?

she slapped him again.

R: this is for playing with my feelings.

another slap

R: this is for messing up my life.

she throws the ring on his face.

R: it’s all over.

Laksh was standing there stunned as he wasn’t able to digest what happened as it all took place in a fraction of seconds.

R: even now u don’t have a tint of guilt on ur face.
I hate u, actually I hate myself for loving u.

L: why should I be guilty? I’ve done all this for money but since you got to know everything and wanna break up, its ok. vaise bhi u r not the last richest girl in the universe.

Ragini gives a disgusting look. she took her clutch which was there in the auditorium, which she kept aside when the host announced for dance and leaves.
She drives her car rashly due to which she was gonna get hit twice and stops in front of her house and out of frustration goes straight towards her room and started throwing things while crying vigorously. she then sat there and started crying and unknowingly dozed off.

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