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Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Simar comes to kitchen. Piyush says ma.. why are you in tears? You should be happy. Simar says why you came? And like a servant. Piyush says doing your family chores doesn’t make you servant and I can do anything for you ma.. Khushi is on the door. Simar turns back. Khushi comes in and says you two know each other? Piyush says no no. She reminds me of my mom. So I called her ma.. Khushi says don’t talk to her much because she isn’t part of this family. And take her to village if you really like her. and madam ji get out of kitchen. Piyush says in heart I am silent just because of ma.


Khushi says this is panday ji from court. panday says I heard Simar went to kitchen. Simar says I didn’t break any rule, the circumstances were that way. Amr says everyone

was hungry so simar had to cook. Rajhinder says amar is right. Anjali says whatvere rules are rules. Ask her to leave this house. Piyush comes in and says wait a minute. This ma ji didn’t do anything wrong. I heard from Raju. This mataji is ill, she needs food at time. There was nothing cooked in house. This ma ji cooked for everyone, is that break of rule? Khushi says shut up you are a servant. Panday says I am giving a warning this time but if you repeat that we won’t pardon. SImar says nothing like that will happen again. Panday leaves.
Prem stops Piyush. Prem says servants are not allowed to speak in our personal matters. Don’t do that again.

Piyush says to Simar where do you bring this patience from? Simar says we have to tolerate. They have all hatred in the heart and it can only be eradicated from love. Piyush says your son is with you. Simar says my son who has become a good cook. Anjali says that servant ruined my whole plan. Anajli is coming towards room. Simar says Piyush go from here. Piyush goes out.

Scene 2
Rita asks servant to empty Piyush’s room. She says thank God that mom and son are gone. The servant is shifting stuff in store. The box slips from his hand. Roshni comes and sees Piyush and Simar’s photo.
Roshni says I really miss you Piyush she is in tears. Rita sees her. She says they are both out of house but how do I kick them out of my family’s heart.

Piyush texts Simar and asks how to make aalo gobi? Anjali comes and takes his phone. She says are you working or playing on phone? He says I was looking for recipes. Anjali returns his phone. Piyush says you shouldn’t talk that way to your mother. Anjali says just shut up. You are a servant better be in your limits or I will kick you out. Khushi calms Anjali down. Piyush says okay kick me out, she insulted me that way. I say whats in my heart. Khushi says its okay. Calm down.

Scene 3
Mataji says they are giving me injection I am totally fine. Simar says don’t be scared. Simar says to doctor you should test her maybe she doesn’t need injection. anjali says now you will tell the doctor as well what he has to do? Prem says Simar is right. You should do mataji’s check up first.

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