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Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Roshni comes to Rohan and says I want to talk about Piyush. Since he has returned from Mumbai he has been really upset. Rohan says I noticed that too. Roshni says we should do something to cheer him up. Rohan says I will do that. Don’t worry. Roshni says thank you.
Simar calls lawyer and says have you sent the papers? He says yes we have sent the papers to Prem bharadwaj. Simar says thank you.
Simar says sorry Premji. I had to stand against you 15 years ago and now I have to stand against you for my daughter now.


Doorbell rings. Khushi opens the door and receives the notice from court. Khushi says wow Simar. Look at her courage. This will infuriate Simar prem even more. Khushi calls everyone. Khushi says mataji you really miss simar right? See what simar

has sent. Mataji says letter? Read it. Khushi says let everyone come.
Everyone comes. Khushi says see what Simar has sent for prem. Legal notice. Khushi says how can Simar do this. She didn’t even leave you. Its written that you are an irresponsible father. Anjali says what does this woman want. Khushi says she wants Anjali’s custody. Prem says what else can she do. Prem leaves.
Pari says Khushi you do such good drama. Khushi says there are more spices to be added into this.
Khushi calls someone and says this is Khushi.

Simar says I know I have taken a difficult step but I know I don’t have another option. I know Prem must be so upset and mad but I have to bring my daughter on right path. Piyush comes and stands next to her. Piyush says do we have to do this ma? He is not that bad. I have known him past few days. He listens to people as well. Simar says there was a time when he would never say no to anything I say but times have changed now. Old days do not come back. There is no space for pardon and apology in our relationship anymore. There is just hatred. Piyush says should I talk to him? Simar says no you won’t. Nothing will change his mind. I don’t have another option.
Piyush says I have ruined everything. I thought I would reunite maa with her family. I am such a loser. Roshni comes and says see what I brought. Concert tickets you rohan and I will go. Piyush says I won’t go. Roshni says don’t be a loser. Piyush says yes I am a loser. Rohan says piyush relax. Why are you being mad. Piyush says ask her not to annoy me all day. Leave me alone. Rohan says she was cheering you up. Piyush says did I ask for that? Did I ask for any help? Leave me alone. He leaves.
Rohsni is in tears. Rohan says he is tensed. He will be okay.

Rita sees the tickets and says seeing Roshni’s love for Piyush hurts me but there is distance piling up between them. You took my kids from me Simar. Now see what I do.

Scene 2
Prem sees on news about the case Simar has filed. Reporter says Prem’s wife has claimed that he is not a responsible father.
Prem asks Khushi how did it reach media? Khushi says how would I know? Pari says this would ruin our family name. Simar doesn’t care about our family. Uma says yes but we do. Khushi says I think Simar has done this. Who else would do that? She would get victim attention. Everyone will say we are not taking care of her daughter. Pari says who knew she could stoop this low. Khushi says she wants to win the case at any cost.

At lunch, kaka gives Simar her card. Simar says these are concert tickets. Rohan says but we are not going now. Rita says tear them if no one is going. Simar says why not? Sumit says I feel like there is some problem. Rohan says there is no such thing. Piyush was a little low, Roshni was trying to cheer him up so they had a little quarrel. You know these two.
Simar says when you have friends who care too much for you, you don’t do that to them. Say sorry to Roshni. Piyush says sorry. Rohan says accept the apology Roshni. Roshni says hold your ears. piyush says then she will ask me to be a hen. Simar says do as she asks. Piyush holds his ears. Roshni says come with us to concert. Piyush says no. Simar says you three will go and that’s final. Roshni says thank you choti ma.

Prem calls simar and says I would never believe you could stoop this low. I am dazed, how could I not recognize you all those years. You used to say that internal matters should stay in the family. Did I force you to leave the family or anjali? Why are you doing drama. Simar says I am doing this for our daughter’s better future. prem says she is my daughter. Simar says say that in court. Prem says I would never let you win this case. He hangs up.
Simar says I knew you would be mad, but I have to bring anjali on right path.

Precap-Prem says you used to say talking can solve anything why didn’t you talk to me before going to court? Simar says I thought you won’t want to talk to me. Prem says I have known you for years. I know what you want. Here is a blank check. Fill whatever amount you want but after that stay away from me and my daughter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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