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Sanyukt 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
As sameer and rahul begin to go, ila calls them back, to stop them. when they do, she asks them whats the matter as they shall have to listen to her. Ila catches


sameer and rahul, and asks them what kind of sons are they, as they didnt even bother not as sons, but on a humanitarian purpose, they could have come to meet their

father, who had a heart attack. rahul asks her not to blame him for everything. she says that she heard that day, but not today, and asks whats he doing, trying to

unite his family breaking apart, because he loves them. sameer asks her venomously, how can they forget what he did to them, and yet feel empathy for him. she says

that she isnt done yet, and shuts him up. she reminds rahul and sameer both, that

the next time, they try and insult her husband, she would forget that they are her

sons. she is tensed along with them. rahul tries to speak, but she shuts him out, and adds that if rahul doesnt want to stay, then so be it, if thats his thinking, and

that there isnt any place for him in her house. he gets tensed, while sameer is shocked. she asks them to leave now. they silently comply. she is distraught.

Meanwhile, inside, rita asks niranjan why he took the decision for himself, without even consulting her, whereas she hasnt been able to adjust with them yet. she says

that she doesnt know how this would turn out. and more importantly, this is her life and noone else shall define it for her. he says that he made the decision, and its

on her to accept or not. they stop fighting, seeing ila approaching, who asks them to come in hurriedly for the puja.

Later, at night, while govardhan and ila discuss in their room, they talk about how birds, once they learn to fly, never return back to their cage, and maybe its a

futile attempt, and that their family shall never be united. she says that their sons just need to be realised that they shall be one unit here. he gets a call from an

unknown number, and gets tensed as he hears something. when ila asks, he gets furious and tells her, as to how its from the police station, who informed her, that

rahul was engaged in a drunken brawl with the landlord, and is in jail. she tensedly thinks that she knew this was coming. he asks her to speak up if she knows

something. she talks about his job loss, and his rent being delayed by two months. niranjan and rita arrive too hearing loud voices. govardhan vents out his anger,

that rahul must have been drunk, when he came for rent, and hence this happened. she is apalled and says that something shall have to be done. he is tensed. niranjan

starts taunting, that this is expected of him, while govardhan finds her tensed, and asks her not to worry, and calls up the lawyer to settle and fix things up.

niranjan stops him when he rushedly leaves for his bail, reminding him what he did to him, and asks him to rot in jail for one day, to realise his mistake. she says

that he too has made many mistakes, but they never punished him. he is silenced. rita too asks him not to involve personal grievances in family matters, and offers to

leave with govardhan and ila, to get the bail done. niranjan sits tensedly. as he waits for them to come back, rahuk comes back with family, and eyes the house

tensedly. rita asks him to step in. in his drunken state, rahul asks how can he get in, as he left it in ego. she asks him not to think so, as parents dont keep a tab

of things. they get in finally, and ila joins them too. Inside, rahul thanks her, for saving him. rita explains that they merely came, but govardhan paid for his bail.

ila says that money doesnt matter, and she doesnt want him to go and thank, but what he did was wrong. rahul explains how he came in the night and started fighting,

when his stuff was being thrown out. rita asks him to let bygones be, and asks what shall he do now, and where shall he stay. he says that he shall be with a friend.

she asks him which friend keeps him without money. ila asks why not this house, and if he hates them so much. rahul says that it isnt that, and that it doesnt wipe out

everything in the past, and that his problem is temporary and shall be sorted out soon. rita suggests that he can atleast stay back till he lands a job. ila reprimands

him lovingly, and asks him to stay back. rita explains it to him, maturely, saying that sometimes things need to be done, and the heart’s instructions should be

followed, as thats for our well being. he complies. ila is happy. he says that its only till he lands a job. she reprimands him lovingly, while he caresses and hugs

her. she asks him to sleep, while rita asks if he wants to eat. but he retires for the night. after he leaves, both the ladies hug each other, at their victory.

Ila comes and informs rahul’s decision to govardhan, who paces around nervously, and asks him to calm down now. he says that he doesnt know how long he would continue.
she says that she has the fullest faith that he would have a change of heart by then. he asks how it happened. she talks about how rita was pivotal in getting him to

stay. he talks about how he loved the way rita stood for uniting the family. she complies, and then adds that nothing is right between niranjan and rita, which she has

noticed earlier too. they think about the past incidents. he says that if its as serious as it seems, then its sad. she says that its between a couple, and they cant

do much about it, and hopes that their assumptions are wrong, and his son makes a happy couple with rita.

In their room, rita comes to sleep, while niranjan sleeps fuming. he picks up the topic as to why she insulted him in front of his parents. she says that she took the

right step. he says that parents are his, and his brother too, and that she neednt meddle. niranjan and rita again have a fight, while they start raising their voices

after which he goes and sleeps outside. she cries bitterly. The next morning, ila dresses up and foes to the temple for her morning prayers. she talks to the tulsi,

asking her to keep her blessings on their family, and she has the faith that soon everything shall be okay. Later, Rahul wakes up in his room, and find bijal and palak

eyeing him tensedly. he asks whats the matter. they say that they cant believe he is sleeping so late. he starts animatedly playing with them. ila comes inside and

sees niranjan sleeping outside, and is tensed. she however doesnt say anything.

Rita is animatedly preparing breakfast for everyone in the kitchen, when ila comes and finding her making sweets, she asks her not to, as govardhan doesnt eat and she

too left with him and now rita has made such a huge quantity. rita gets tensed. oblivious to this, she tells rita that she should have asked her once atleast. rita

feels bad and leaves. govardhan comes to find her going, and asks ila what happened and if she said anything. she remembers, and then says that she did become a mother

in law today. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Niranjan and rita have a huge fight yet again, when she asks him if its a lie that he had an affair before marrying her, and wanted to marry her, and kept it

hidden from her, and still secretively meets her. he frustratedly says that all allegations are true, he had an affair, he wanted to marry her, and also kept it hidden

from her. govardhan and ila hear it from outside and are tensed and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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