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Santoshi Maa 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ankur seeing Santoshi setting the guest room. He smiles and puts a banana peel on the ground. She goes to call Pratap. She slips by stepping on the banana epeel and gets hurt. Dhairya comes and gets shocked. He holds her and asks Santoshi, are you fine. He asks Ankur how could he do this, I will throw him out. Ujwal asks Santoshi is she fine. Kaki says its bleeding a lot and does aid. Madhu asks Dhairya to leave Ankur. Ujwal and Pratap ask Dhairya to take Santoshi to hospital, wound is much bleeding. Kaki asks Dhairya to leave Ankur and take Santoshi. Dhairya says I will see Ankur later. He lifts Santoshi and takes her.

Ankur says see how I break your ego. Pratap says car door is locked, where is driver. Ankur shows the keys. Pratap asks for keys, they have to take

Santoshi to hospital. Ankur teases him. Pratap scolds him and says anything will happen to Santoshi, give keys. Ankur says this car is not for strangers, go hospital in auto, but there is auto strike today, go by walk. Pratap gets angry. Ujwal asks Ankur to understand situation. Ankur calls them mad and says sorry, I have to go out. He leaves in the car.

Madhu thinks I did not show this attitude, it means my decision to get Ankur at home was not right. Ujwal says we have to keep santoshi awake. Dhairya asks her to open eyes. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata look on. Kaki sprinkles water. Ujwal says my car is gone for servicing, how will we go. Dhairya says I will take her by walk. Ujwal says its not possible. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to help them. Pratap stops Dhairya and says I will call my doctor friend. He calls doctor and asks him to come to his house fast. He asks Dhairya to get Santoshi inside.

Gaumata asks why don’t you punish evil powers. Santoshi Maa says I m worried for Santoshi, I can’t punish humans like that, people get result by his deeds, but Ankur can’t hurt Santoshi, my blessings are always with her. Doctor treats Santoshi. He says its good you called me on time, she will get conscious in some time. Kaki thanks Santoshi Maa. Doctor leaves. Pratap asks Dhairya to relax, everything will be fine. Dhairya and Kaki sit with Santoshi. Dhairya says don’t worry, Santoshi will get conscious till morning, I will not go leaving her, she did a lot for me, its my duty to take care of her. Kaki smiles. He asks her to stay here, I will get food for you.

Narad greets Santoshi Maa and Gaumata. He says evil powers are high on earth, humans are sunk in jealousy, hatred and anger, humans think trust, satisfaction and selflessness is foolish. She says good emotions can’t end ever, hatred can increase, but some people will fail the evil powers.

Pratap asks Dhairya about Santoshi. Dhairya says she is fine. Ankur comes home whistling. Pratap asks do you know humanity, you did not pity seeing Santoshi’s state. Ankur asks where did your humanity go when you left my mum. Dhairya says I will teach you manners. Madhu says stop Dhairya, Ankur is my son. Dhairya says Ankur is responsible for Santoshi’s state. She asks did you see that by your eyes, that you are blaming him. Ujwal asks Dhairya to relax and go to Santoshi.

Ankur asks why did you stop me mom. Madhu says enemy is failed by senses, not anger, your idea was good. Ankur says its just start mom, see what I do. She says be careful of Dhairya and Santoshi, they are smart. He says I m smarter, see what I do in few days.

Its morning, Santoshi gets conscious. Dhairya smiles and helps her. She asks how did I get hurt. He says its because of Ankur, Madhu saved him from me. she says don’t get angry, I m fine as you are with me. He asks her to rest, I will make tea. She asks him not to add salt instead sugar. He says we will know of that when tea is made, I know where tea powder and sugar are kept, call Pushpa if you need anything, I m busy. He goes to make tea.

Santoshi comes there. He asks why did you come. She says how much shall I rest, I knew you won’t get anything. He says I got just water and milk. She gives him tulsi leaves, tea powder and sugar, ginger. He says I got it now, you go and rest, I don’t need help, I will leave you. She says I can go, I want to help. He says no, I will make tea. She smiles seeing him. He asks her to please go. She says let me see, don’t know when will I see you like this. He says I m getting conscious seeing you. She says fine I will go, come soon, I want to have tea made by you. He says fine 10mins, now go. She leaves.

Ankur says Chachi ji stop, did you get hurt. She says let me go. He asks her to show hand. She says I can slap you. He says I m scared, slap me. She says let me go, don’t argue. He says I want to see the taste of your slap. Dhairya comes and gets angry seeing Ankur teasing Santoshi. Ankur says I will close my eyes, slap me, I will have fun, I will love you. Dhairya keeps tea and moves Santoshi. He slaps Ankur hard. Ankur gets angry seeing Santoshi.

He pushes Ankur away and asks him to go room now. Ankur asks how did you raise hand on me. Dhairya asks how did you misbehave with Santoshi. Everyone come and make Dhairya leave Ankur. Madhu says its happening because of Santoshi. Kaki says don’t blame Santoshi, its because of you. She asks Ankur to go to room, I will get food. Santoshi takes Dhairya to room. Ujwal thinks this fight will be beneficial for me.

Santoshi tells Dhairya that Ankur is doing this to create fights, I liked you getting angry. Dhairya says stop joking, how could I see him teasing you. Ujwal goes to Ankur and says Dhairya did wrong, I don’t like Dhairya and Santoshi, Dhairya did not do anything in his life, Santoshi has become queen being a maid, make them out of this house. Madhu comes and sees Ujwal. Ujwal says I came to meet Ankur. He goes. Madhu asks why did Ujwal come here. Ankur says he came to share Gyaan, whats this milkshake. She says its your fav, have it. He thanks her. She asks him to remember what she said. He says don’t worry, I will handle Santoshi and Dhairya my way. She says I feel you are really my son.

Dhairya says maybe Madhu regards him son, it does not mean Ankur does anything. Santoshi says you don’t have to do what he wants, calm down, have water. She thinks to take him to Kaki. Pratap tells Kaki that all this happened because of him. He says I did big mistake. Santoshi and Dhairya come there and see. Kaki says murdering someone is a sin. Pratap says I did not do that sin, I don’t know who killed Ankur’s mum, she called me to Lucknow, she wanted Ankur’s share in property, I thought of saying no to her, before I reached there, someone killed her.

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