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Santoshi Maa 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with inspector asking Dhairya to meet Santoshi after getting the chip. Dhairya says I will just come and rushes to home. He checks his room and does not get it. He says I have to find the chip and save Santoshi. Sinduri asks shall I help you, what are you finding. Dhairya says memory chip. She says no, I did not see. Ujwal comes and asks whats all this. Dhairya asks him to fight Santoshi’s case. Ujwal says I can’t, its big case. Sinduri smiles.


Ankur scolds Santoshi and says I wanted to take revenge from Pratap, you cheated me, I will see how you get out of here. She says I did not cheat you, I did mistake, I will explain why I did this. Ankur shouts on her and hurts his hand. His hand bleeds. She asks what did you do, give me your hand. Ankur cries and says I swear,

every member of Mishra family is my enemy, I will ruin everyone, this is my life’s aim now, I will start this with you Santoshi. She gets shocked.

She says give me a chance to explain. He says you will just get tears. Some men come there and lie to inspector that Santoshi stays with Ankur. They thank inspector for arresting Ankur and Santoshi. Santoshi says they are lying. The men ask inspector to punish them. Santoshi asks what did I do, why are you lying, say truth. Inspector asks will you give statement infront of magistrate. The men agree.

Gaumata tells Santoshi Maa about Santoshi’s state. Santoshi Maa asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. Gaumata says what will happen of Santoshi, she is fighting alone, there is no one to help her. Santoshi Maa says I understand, person has to lose infront of lie, truth finds identity in darkness, Santoshi is walking on true path, you don’t worry. Sinduri comes there and signs the men. She sees Santoshi and Ankur. Sinduri taunts Santoshi and asks what are you doing here if you did not do wrong work, you are a big liar, see your doings, you ruined Mishra family name. Santoshi says I did not do anything,

Sinduri says I have to tell you a secret, I know who has done all this with you, I did this. She laughs. Santoshi gets shocked. Sinduri says even Dhairya can’t free you from this. She goes to Ankur and says trust me, I m with you. She talks to him.

Madhu says Santoshi did not leave us. News reporter calls Madhu and says police is presenting Santoshi infront of magistrate. Madhu tells this to Pratap and asks him to go there once. He says no, you can go if you want. She says even I don’t like to answer media. Santoshi tells judge that its wrong news. Judge says calm down, I will check. He asks Ankur about his statement. Ankur says this girl acts innocent, she lies and traps people, she got inside my house, I don’t know her. Santoshi gets shocked. Judge asks Santoshi what does she has to say. Santoshi says everyone is lying for their greed. Judge asks her does she have any proof for her innocence. Santoshi says no and cries.

Judge says by Ankur and villagers’ statement, you are proved culprit, you will be kept in remand for 7 days and Ankur is left free. Ankur thanks him. Santoshi stops Ankur and asks why did you do this with me. Dhairya and Santoshi’s family come there to meet Santoshi. constable does not allow them. Ankur says I did what you and Dhairya did with me, you cheated me, I cheated you now. She says I did not do this to harm you. Ankur says enough, trust broken can’t be made fine, my heart got peace. Ankur recalls Sinduri offering friendship. He asks his mum’s murderer name. She says fine, you get Dhairya for me and I will tell you murderer’s name, first get out of here, I will tell you how. FB ends. Santoshi says this will hurt everyone. Ankur says anyways, thanks for the advice. He goes.

Ankur sees Dhairya and leaves. Santoshi is taken away. Dhairya and family get restless seeing her. Inspector scolds Dhairya and says I will put you in jail. Dhairya says put me in jail. They get to know judge is sending Santoshi for 7 days remand. They all ask inspector to stop. Dhairya and Santoshi try to reach each other. Sinduri smiles.

Seshnath asks Santoshi not to worry, we are with you. The family members fight with police for Santoshi. Madhuri and Daksha lie on the ground. Inspector asks them to get up, you can’t take law in your hands. Daksha says Santoshi is innocent. police moves them. Santoshi cries. Sharmili says they are mad people. Dhairya shouts on Ankur and asks why did you do this. Ankur asks did you feel bad, you cheated me and this is the result, see how I ruin everyone in Mishra family.

Dhairya says don’t dare to see my family. Ankur says till you find clue, your lovely wife will be proved a pr*stitute. Dhairya beats Ankur and asks how dare you…. Ankur says if you saw the chip, you would have not beaten me, go and save your wife. Dhairya says I will not leave you. Sinduri says our time started now, congrats for first win. Family comes to meet Santoshi in police station. Dhairya gets lawyer. Lawyer gives meeting permission papers to inspector. Inspector permits Dhairya to meet. Dadi asks Dhairya to meet Santoshi, she needs you. Inspector asks everyone to go out.

Dhairya meets Santoshi. She says you all are worried because of me. He says its my mistake. She says I did not think I will be blamed such, Sinduri did all this. He asks what. She says Sinduri came here and told me. He asks her not to worry and trust her, I have to get that chip, smile for me. They smile. He recalls Ankur’s words and asks about Ankur. She says yes, but don’t know how to tell you. He asks her to say. She says Ankur said Pratap is his father. He asks what and gets shocked.

She says I did not believe him, but I felt he was saying true. He asks her to say in detail. She tells him what happened at his home. He says once I get that chip, it will get fine, I lost that chip, I will find it, I will take you home soon. She nods. He says I will come back soon.

Santoshi Maa tells Gaumata how to solve Santoshi’s problems, I m not able to help her, don’t know what Brahmadev wrote in her fate, Santoshi is restless there, and new problem is born in Devlok, its time for Dhairya and Santoshi’s test. Gaumata says he is supporting Santoshi, I m satisfied seeing this.

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