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Santoshi Maa 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with doctor asking Dhairya to take care of Santoshi and give her medicines on time. Dhairya thanks him and says I will take care of her. He sits by her side and holds her hand. He says you scared me, no need to work now, you will just rest. Nurse says a boy needs blood, that blood group is not matching, he is critical. Doctor asks her to find in other bank.


Dhairya says don’t think of this. Santoshi says its about saving a boy’s life, if you are getting chance, do it. He says you have no idea how I got the medicine for you. She says if everyone think so, who will help others. He says you know I m afraid of needle. She says you think of me and Santoshi Maa, your fear will get over. He says your life is in risk and you are saving other’s life. She says that’s why

I know value of life, you got chance, don’t lose it. She gives her pendant to him. She says I will come along. He says rest here. She says you won’t go without me. He says fine. Nurse says you can’t take her, she needs rest. Dhairya says I will go alone and give blood. Santoshi asks him to close eyes if he feels scared.

Madhuri says I feel strange, how did Madhu get grown up son by magic. He asks her to get benefit of this. He sees Madhu going and goes to her. A lady asks doctor to save her son. Doctor says we can’t do anything till we get blood for him. Dhairya says you got the blood, my blood group matches with him, I will donate my blood. The lady thanks him.

Doctor tells the boy’s father Paras that a good man has donated blood, now your son is out of danger. Paras says thanks, I want to meet and thank that man. His wife Sudha says our son got saved. Doctor says this is your angel who saved your son. Paras thanks Dhairya. Dhairya recalls Santoshi’s words and sees her. He smiles.

He says why are you thanking me, I did not do anything, I did it for humanity, Lord has sent me here. Nurse says boy got conscious. Sudha says our Akshay got conscious and hugs Paras.

Dhairya goes to Santoshi. She thanks him for listening to her. He makes her wear the pendant of Santoshi Maa again and holds her hand. He says double thanks to help me and kisses her hand. They smile. Doctor tells Dhairya that Santoshi is fine, let her stay here for two more days for early recovery. Santoshi says no, I want to go home. Dhairya says don’t worry, I will manage. She says no, I don’t want to trouble you, I will rest at home, we can’t pay expenses. Doctor says fine, take medicines and complete bed rest. Dhairya thanks doctor.

Ankur asks Rocket why did you not move them. Rocket says I do my work by laws, they gave me hafta and I can’t touch them till 7 days, then it will happen as you say. Ankur gives him money. Rocket says I will break their house in 24 hours and give you good news. Dhairya takes Santoshi to their hut and hugs her. He asks her to rest and says I will go and find work.

He says I don’t want to go, but its needed. She asks him to find the work he likes. He says I will find that but I have to do something to run home. She says don’t worry, there is some rice and daal, dinner can be prepared by it, be here, I will feel good. He says fine, I won’t go anywhere today, I will stay with you all day. He makes her sleep.

Ujwal asks Pratap what did you think, you will get old working as servant here. Pratap asks him to see. Seshnath serves Madhu. Pratap says I can’t think anything. Ujwal says fine, work as servant. He goes.

Madhuri wears the costly saree and jewelry. Her dream ends. Dadi calls her and reminds its Puranmasi and suhaagans go to do kuldevi puja. Madhuri says I remember, I will come tomorrow. Sweety sees Madhuri doing makeup and smiles. She says mom…. Madhuri gets glad hearing mom. Sweety asks where are you going. Madhuri says Amma called and told about Puranmasi puja, I had to invite guests. Sweety says I will come along, I m part of family. Madhuri says why not, sure.

Santoshi says let me cook. Dhairya says you mean men can’t cook, all big chefs are men, don’t know how women do this, its not so easy. She smiles. He kneads flour and asks her is she joking. Rocket comes and asks them to vacate the place. Dhairya asks why, we gave you hafta. Rocket says leave that deal, take your money and leave from here. Dhairya says give us one day time, we will go tomorrow, its not possible to go now. Rocket asks his men to break this hut. Dhairya says Santoshi is unwell, wait. Santoshi takes Santoshi Maa’s pic and leaves with Dhairya. Rocket makes their hut fall. Dhairya gets angry.

Santoshi stops him. Rocket asks them to leave else he will break their bones. Narad asks Santoshi Maa how much tests will happen of Dhairya and Santoshi, they need your help, do something soon. She smiles and says winner is one who fights with obstacles and initiates good thoughts, don’t see their external problems, see how happy they are internally, hardwork can clear external problems, but love power is unconquerable.

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