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Santoshi Maa 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ankur telling Santoshi that they will get all the items, as written in papers. Santoshi calls him poor and asks him to keep everything. She asks shall I have to leave Santoshi Maa here. He asks her to take the frame. They leave. Madhu smiles. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata not to worry, struggle is there in Santoshi’s life, but she has courage too. Santoshi holds Dhairya’s hand. Santoshi Maa says one good thing in all the bad things is Santoshi and Dhairya’s relation, Dhairya’s heart has become completely true. Santoshi, Dhairya, kaka and kaki see the house and cry.


Santoshi recalls her grahpravesh. Dhairya thinks of his moments with Santoshi. Kaki recalls the old time. Kaka thinks of the big happy family. Santoshi Maa says a great man said patience, Dharm, friend

and wife’s right test is in tough time, and Santoshi’s supporting Dhairya is right, it gave chance to Dhairya to understand his wife. Kaka says we had made this house and today relations foundation shakes.

Santoshi says we will make a new house like this, house can be made again. They leave. Santoshi asks Kaka to drink water. They rest under a tree. Kaka says first, we need to find a place to stay. Santoshi says yes, we should find a place before evening. Dhairya says we should find some temporary place. Santoshi says why don’t we go to my Dadi, we can stay there. Dhairya says no Santoshi, we left our home, we won’t go to other’s home, we will just go to our house. Kaka says yes, we will find some way. Santoshi asks Kaki to sit, and drink water.

Santoshi asks why don’t we stay in temple. Kaka says no, this will defame our family. Dhairya says not family, Pratap and Madhu. Santoshi says we can face people. Kaka agrees and says I will support you at every step. They all join hands and smile.

Sharmili goes to Guddu. He says its good you opened door, Sweety will get police, I will make excuse and save you. She says Sweety came and went. He says without meeting me. She tells him what happened. FB shows Sweety coming to meet Sharmili. She asks Sharmili to leave Guddu. Sharmili says I won’t leave him, he loves your money, not you. Sweety says fine, I want to buy your husband. Sharmili gets shocked. Sweety says you will get all comforts. Sharmili asks what, is husband a thing to sell. Sweety asks her to decide, does she want husband who does not love her or all comforts, I m thinking of your profit, you tell me your decision soon. FB ends. Guddu smiles and asks Sharmili what did you think.

Madhu and Ankur laugh. Pratap comes with bag and says I m leaving home. Madhu asks why, and thinks Pratap won’t get free of punishment soon. Madhu says no, you can’t leave, you will do Kaka’s work, you have to make food, else you will go to jail. Ujwal comes and says you have troubled Papa, see whats happening with you. He laughs. Pratap says you did bad with everyone, you are laughing, this laugh will turn into cry soon.

Dhairya and Santoshi make a tent. Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar……………..plays…………….. Kaka and Kaki help. Santoshi keeps Santoshi Maa’s pic. Dhairya asks Kaka and Kaki to come inside. Kaka asks Kaki to take care and not worry. Santoshi gets some flowers and lights diya. She prays to Santoshi Maa for strength. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Santoshi sings aarti Jai Jai Santoshi Maa…… Santoshi Maa smiles.

No Precap in and tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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