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Sangini – Chapter 8

Sorry for the late update not feeling well. Next chapter Here I wait wait before that, Guys I’m sorry for the great confusion, Sangini is my Old ff which was used to be called Swaragini Meant to be together, I lost contact with the ff after being busy for almost 2 months or so, I have hence started reposting it with little revisions and so Hope now the confusions are clear. Next chapter Here we go…

Chapter 8 – Will Ragini Survive??

The doctor comes and informs that due to heavy blood loss the patient has become more serious we need to do an emergency surgery. Swara shocked to hear what doctor said slaps sanskar “How could you sanskar? this is all because of me I shouldn’t have let her go with”

She cries and doesn’t realize what she’s saying “a man who could turn my sister evil just for his personal goals, who could make her against her own family, her own sister. How foolish of me to think that you will love my sister! What the hell were you doing there sanskar? how?” she sits down sobbing. Laksh consoles her and helps her getup and sit on a bench

Nurse : The patient needs blood, What’s her blood group?

Shekhar: Its O-VE

Nurse : ohh no, It’s a rare one anyone in your family has it, then please come with me. We can’t waste time.

Swara gets up : Mine is O-ve too, I’ll come with you.

Swara’s taken inside ot and made to sleep next to ragini and they take her blood. She’s let out after sometime.

The surgery begins sanskar breaks down infront of ganeshji’s idol;

“I heard that you forgive everyone’s sins and full-fill people’s wishes. I never had that much believe in you, but the girl inside has never let a day go without doing your pooja. There hasn’t been a day she has missed your aarti, then why god are you giving her punishment of my sins?” Swalak have tears in their eyes, Sharmishtha too breaks down looking at her daughter’s condition.

Doctor comes out : We can’t say anything now, due to heavy blood loss the patient’s condition is critical your prayers and some patience can help. I suggest someone always be near her and talk to her, so that during observation the patient doesn’t land in comma.

Sanskar goes infront of everyone and kneels down beginning with a sorry, he confesses all his wrong deeds, “Badepapa, maa, today I confess everything what I’ve done, just save Ragini. She was never at fault, It’s me who brought her to this condition and once she gets well, Swara I’ll leave all your lives and go. Just let me be here till she gets fine.”

Swara and Sharmishtha go and sit with Ragini. It’s night all leave only Swara and Sharmishtha stay, Sanskar too doesn’t go.

Nurse : I’m sorry, but only one relative can stay here, it’s against the rules.

Swara tells sharmishtha to go, she obliges but when swara promises her she complies and Sanskar goes to drop her.

Swara’s at Ragini’s room’s window watching ragini, “I know I’m a very bad sister, I’m sorry ragu, but I promise once you get discharged I won’t let you go anywhere alone.” she turns and looks outside. She finds Sanskar sitting on a bench in the hospital garden.

She remember’s what she done the same evening and mumbles a sorry in her heart to him. It’s morning, Sanskar’s asleep on the bench when Swara comes to him and keeps a hand on his shoulder. He murmurs “Ragini.”

“No, Swara ” Sanskar rubs his face with his hand, “What happened any problem?” he asks worried, when swara replies, “nothing, It’s morning come in now or else you’ll get sick.” Sanskar nods and goes with her.

Sanskar is sitting next to Ragini holding her hand, when her fingers move a bit, his eyes widen up in surprise “Ragini !” Swara who’s doing something turns at them “What?”

Sanskar exclaims with joy, “Swara, her hand just moved , DOCTOR!” he says loudly Swara rushes next to Ragini who slowly opens her eyes “Swara…” Swara with joy and tears in her eyes hugs her. Ragini winces in pain and swara separates worriedly mumbling a “Sorry”

Ragini has a weak smile on her face, the doctor checks her and declares, “She’s out of danger, you could now even take her home in the evening but on one condition that she does nothing but only rest.”

Swara nods cheerfully like a kid, “Yes doctor, I won’t let her even move from the bed.” She stares at ragini who pouts at her innocently.

Sanskar is just so happy he has no words to say…….

Sanskar feeds Ragini soup, as she tastes the first spoon she makes a face. Sanskar looks at her amused when she takes the spoon from him and tries to feed him,

Sanskar holds her hand stopping her from feeding him : No, I can’t have it. It’s for you.

Ragini makes a sad face complaining : Not fair, if you don’t have it then I too won’t drink it!

Sanskar sighs defeated : Okay baba!

He opens his mouth and she feeds him with a wide smile and to her amusement, he too makes a disgusting face. Taking a tissue, he wipes his mouth : Chii! yuck! What’s this?

Ragini giggles blabbering like a kid : Vegetable soup (She smiles cutely) Tasty naa?

They both have a laugh. He’s so happy to see her back alive in front of him, a tear trips down his face.

Ragini looks at him worried : Sanskar…

She keeps a hand on his face, wiping the tear Sanskar takes her hand replying : Ragini, I’m sorry I know this is really not a good place for this confession, but Ragini I don’t wanna loose you again (Ragini looks at him confused ) I LOVE YOU RAGINI…….

Hope you liked it and Keep reading Next chappy would be on time tonight ?

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