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Samje Na Vo Samje Na (swaragini os by smaira)

Hello friends.
Here is it.

A hotle is shown.
A office is shown . A boy is siting in chair. He is none other then our sanskar.
San to mangar: ok m going.
Man: kk sir.
Here at outside of hotel a gal is shown coming out of car. She is none other then our swara.
She goes to recption.
Rep: yes mam how can i help u.
Sw: i want a roam.
Recp: sorry mam at this time no roam is free.
Sw: aa ok. Is there any hotle near by .
Recp: no mam.
She was about to say something when a voice come from back.
“doctor swara”
swara turned back.
Swa: sanskar.
Ss it is sanky.
San to recptionist: give her my roam.
Recp: k sir.

In other side
here a gal is stading at road. Caring two bags.she is ragini.
She goes to a boy.
Rag: will u tell me this address. Vo m from village. Come here to do study
The boy is none other our laksh.
Lak: u can go by this bus. After 3 stops. U have come down from bus. U will be at indira road then take tax
before he could say anyting rag speaks wait.
Rag:wait say again.
Lak:u didnt undersand anything come with me.
R:but ur work.
L:no prob
l:dont wory
rag smile at him lak also smile back
swasan side

@san roam
swa: sanskar arent u angry with me.
San:how can i angry with u. Did u accpect ur love nw. See m change.
Sw: idot i naver make saw ur look or statas.
San: i love u.
Sw: i love u too.
Sw: nw leave it m hungry.
Sa: what u want to eat.
Sw: chicken fry..
Sw: give food.
San: ha ha.

Raglak side
lak take rag into bus
here his colgue saw him and start to tease him.
Abi: aj office se chutti li bhabi ko ghuma ni ki lye.
Lak: shut up. M helping her to go her sis plce.
All: aaa.
Lak: shut up.
Saing this he goes near rag
swasan side
san is crying..
And remambaring their love story and separation.

san was traviling by bus. She sees a sit near a gal. Gal is none other then swara.
He sit near swara. After sometime. A boy come near him.
Boy: plz will u give the sit m not felling well.
San: ok.
Saying this he get up from sit. The boy sit near swara and start to talk near swara. AT very soon he crosed his limit. He held her both hand taigtly and came near her lip. But he fells a kick in his bump. Ss it is sanky. He then kick him in his face. Then drag him out of raning bus. Then comes near swara. Our swara start feel for him. At very soon she hugs him n crys. Sanky also start to foll for her. Both hug each other . Swara starts to share all painful n happy talks with him. Then they teases each other. Swara pull his pant sanky some how mange. Then he tickle her. After pasing many happy time san speaks: i like u.
Sw: i also like ur helping shade.
San: oh really.
Sw: ha.
A track is pasing. The cloth of truck flew from there n foll on bus’s glass. Whats next. It lost the balance N crush with onther.

Other side
lak: take rag to his sis.
Rag: goes inside without saying anything.
Lak smile at this.
After some days.
Nw rag fells something for him. Tries to be smart stylish bold.
Lak also fell for her. Its frist time that he is felling diff.
Once again she comes to bus for going office.
Lak is also in same bus.
Rag is moving fowrd. She crused with someone.
Rag: hey lacky.
Lak cocked with her voice.
Lak: hi.
R: hello n sory for not saying u thanks that.
L: no wellcome. If u accpect me as ur frnd then no sorry no thanks.
R: oh ya.
They both sit n chitchat.
A red car of yung group is driving rushly. Come in front of bus. The bus lost the conrol and crush with other other.
Swasan side
fb continues-

@ hospital
swara is sitting in chair in band aid in head and hand. Dnc come from ot. Swara rush to him.
Sw:doc how is sanskar.
Doc: sorry but he sleeps into coma.
Sw: no doctor it cant be hapend plz u check again.
Doc: sory but it is true. Saying this doc leave while swara crying.
4 years passes. Swara is a medical student. Swara take care of sanskar n fully love him. swaras parents fixed marrige with sahil and her broter’s marrige with kavya. Swara run with the help of his brother and ran Both. But sie got the news sanskar is out from coma n leaves. San after kowing swaras care sanky fully foll her. But when he knws about swaras marrige he thought to not break the marrige. Thats why he ran. Leaving a thanks and i love u later.

Raglak side
lak brings rag hospital.
Doc cant save rag frm sleping into coma. After 4 years rag come back frm coma nd ran.
Swasan side
fd end
san comes and sees her crying.
Sanky wipes her tears.
San: plz forgot past let start new.
Swa: about bhai.
San: he will get her soon.
Swa: sure.
San: sure.
Both hug each other.
San calls someone.

After some time a gal come.
Swara is shocked to seing her.
Sw: ragini.
Ss full was past.
Rag: swara.
Swa call lak n told him to come right nw.
After a while lak come runing.
He is taken aback to see.
Lak: ragini.
Rag: laksh m sorry.
Lak without saying anything hug him.
L: i love u.
R : i love u too.
Swa: huh besharam ki gang.
Raglak blush.
Sa: see someone are blusing.
Sw: love u all.
4 give group hug.
Nw rag is a famus journalist n lak ips officar.

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