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sab theek ho jayega *3 shots* part 2

Hi guys I didn’t thought that I will get such response,thank u.so here’s part -2
Recap-rags reached baadi,their verbal fight,dadi convinced,rags cutted her wrist.

Meanwhile Sanlak reached hospital.
San(to suji(worriedly)-maa wat happened ,y r u crying???
Suji-sanskar who doctor asked for another 3 lakhs for bhaisa’s treatment,now from where will we get it???(sobs)
Laksh walks upto ap who was standing lyk a statue dere wid an expressionless face.
Laksh-maa…….r…….u fyn?(wid tears in his eyes)
Ap hugged him suddenly and burst into tears.saying b/w her sobs”wat wrong have we done dat god’s giving us such punishment?”
Laksh consoles her and breaking d hug wipes her tears .
Laksh-maa we didn’t do anything,god jst wants make our relations stronger by putting us in difficult situations and I know my maa’s a winner so she will pass it wid flying colours.
Ap smiles a little but gets worried from where will they arrange money,laksh gets into thinking but came to reality wen a worried sujatha asked them”where r swara and ragini?”
It wasn’t a situation to stress dem more so sanky made an excuse dat dey r trying to arrange sum money.
Evry1’s convinced.sanlak come to a side and sanky notices laksh in deep thinking.he places his hand on his shoulder while tears develop in laksh’s eyes.sanky hugs him and consoles him by rubbing his back.

Laksh-bhai nothing will happen to papa na?
Sanky-no laksh till we are together nothing wrong can happen …………now cum we have to arrange money.
Dey break d hug and luk at eo for sum tym and an idea strikes dere mind.
Sanky-lucky wat I m thinking r u thinking d same??(luking at laksh eagerly)
Laksh-yes bhai lets do it……………..we did it last in college for fun but now it will only help us to get money.
Sanky-ok I will ask info from veer(dere common frand)
Laksh nods.sanky calls veer.

On phone
Sanky-ho veer may I know wen its happening?
Sanky-oh ok we will reach dere by 5 ‘o clock.
Call ended.
Sanky(to lucky)-its today at 5 (luking at his watch)till dere’s 3 hrs.we can reach easily dre.
Laksh nods and gets happy as dey got a ray of hope .
Lak-bhai now we can get money for hospital bills.
Sanky nods and says” I m leaving to complete d formalities.”
Sanlak get out of hospital assuring every1 dat dey will get money by 7’o clock and d hospital authorities too.
Lak phone beeps and he gets a message from dadi to cum to her house alone widout telling any1.he thinks for a while and decides to go .sanky calls him but he says”I will cum after sumtym ,I have sum important work to do”sanky nods and dey starts to leave for dere destinations.
Laksh reaches gadodia house(gh) and says a little loud “dadi”.he den enters inside getting no response and luks around only to find no one but wait he eyes fall on sumthing,dey were blood stains on the well furnished white marble floor where lay a knife wid blood on it.he got into suspicion and decided to leave thinking it of a fake attempt by dadi but stopped thinking of rags face as how wud she feel wen she will get to know dat he didn’t helped her dadi wen it was needed regardless of it being a trap or not.
He den went quiet carefully on his tip-toes to dadi’s room widout uttering a word.he reached in d room and wat he saw next jst made him freeze at d spot.yes he saw her wife ,her bacha lying on the bed unconscious wid glucose pipe and and bandage around her hand.it reminded him suddenly of swara’s kitchen stung lyk dis ,he concluded dat both sisters are same but it didn’t matter now,wat matters d most was rags health.he den rushed in shatabdi speed wen reality hit him although she was jst 5 steps away.
He jumped on bed and dadi and d doctor who was checking rags luked at him as if he was sum alien.he luked at dem wid ‘as if I care luk ‘ and turned to ragini who had her eyes closed and caressed her hairs .she gets up by his touch and looks at him and smiles weakly assuring him through her eyes dat she’s fyn.he wiped his tears and rags too.
Dadi sent the doctor away who advised dem to take gud care of ragini.laksh asked dadi “wats happening”
Lak-did u do sumthing wid her,y she’s lyk dis(almost shouting)if u dare hurt her den I wont let u live in peace(pointing finger)get dat!!
Dadi tried to say but he refused to hear anything to went to her room to take rags wid her.ragini stumbled a bit and laksh holded her at tym.dey share a deep eye-lock.
Dey were about to leave but rags stopped and turned around to talk to dadi.
Rags-dadi maa cum to jail wid me,we have to get swara out(weakly)
Dadi(scared)-okay I m cuming

Laksh was shocked to see all this.dadi wont be easily convince to get swara out so it means rags did all dis to convince her.he became a little angry on her.came to her and asked”ragini u did dis(pointing at her hand) to get swara out?”
Ragini nods and bend her head down coz she knew wat was cuming nxt,her hubby’s care cum angry side.
Laksh shouted”how cud u do dis?u didn’t even cared about me,swara,our family?”
Rags-laksh I m sorry pls try to understand
Laksh shows her his hand to stop giving explanations.but rags wont loose easily.
Rags(enthusiastic)-laksh dis was d only way to make her realize her mistake ,so I had to do it.and see nothing bad happened on contrary swara will cum out of jail,dadi wont do anything bad now,she accepts chotu ………….and see I m fyn.
She suddenly forgot her weakness and came up in her chirpy voice giving laksh explanations and dadi orders in and indirect way which the trio understood well but didn’t say anything.
This side of rags came mostly in front of laksh or swara,her childish tricks to convince sum1 with her puppy eyes ,and she knew dat this trick always work on him and as expected he melted.
Laksh-so she is ready to get swara out ?
Rags and dadi nodded.
Laksh(energetic)-ok so lets go!!!
They left for reaching poince station and evry1 was silent.
The trio reached police station where dey saw 2 luv birds romancing,even in jail.swara was smiling in b/w her tears while sanky had made sum funny faces and his eyes were admiring his swara’s lovely face and her million dollar smile.
Sanky-swara keep smiling lyk this only ,for dis smiled I wud even become joker that too wid red nose.(lovingly)
Swara laughed a little forgetting her worries.
Swara-no I wont lyk my pati parmeshwar in red nose.(toching his nose)he luks cute in his original only.
Sanky-oh yeah(blushed)
Laksh(low tone which only ragini cud hear)-yeh toh jail mein bhi shuru ho gaye?(dey started in jail itself)
To which rags giggled and swasan eyelock broke and dey luked here and dere awkwardly.
Laksh-sanky wat’s dis??u r flirting wid my bhabhi ,if my bhai cumes he wont leave u
Sanky was damn embarrassed that he didn’t even realized dat wat he said and blabbered”sorry sorry I wont even see ur bhabhi again,don’t tell dis to ur bro”
Evry1 giggled and he luked at swara’s smiling face again and dis tym came to reality(than god he didn’t got lost into it).
Sanky(covering up)-who I knew u were playing wid me and I jst played along.den he noticed dadi wid dem and asked through his eyes “wat she’s doing here”.
Ragini(happily)-swara dadi is ready to get u out !!
Swara-sachi(really)and luked at dadi emotionally forgetting all her early deeds.
Dadi (nervously)-chori mare ko ab aise mat dekh(don’t luk at me lyk dis)
Laksh-dadi cum !!

Dadi completed d formalities and swara was out of jail now.swaragini hugged eo and sanlak passed a smile to eo.
They broke d hug and swara thanked dadi and dadi replied by smiling genuinely.
Swarag asked sanlak about dp and dey told dem about everything but not dere plan to get money.
Swarag insisted on going to hospital to which sanlak complied and told dem dey will get money by evening.
Now evry1 was relieved but sum doubts were dere in swarag mind”from where will dey get money”.but they didn’t asked it as it might pull dem back and moreover dey had complete trust on eo.
Sanlak (in mind)we r doing this after a long tym.we stopped it as it might hurt our family wen dey will know it,so dey kept it a secret b/w dem only.’brothers secret’.
Swarg went to hospital and dey consoled very1.sanlak reached at exact 7’o clock wid 3 lakshs in cash.
Evry1 was astonished to see dat dey arranged money but more happy dat now dp wont have any problem.

***************the end******************

Precap-parish ka kaam tammam not murder guys but a gud lesson and reason how dey got money.
So anybody guesses d reason ,do tell ur version.
Bye guys .
Thanks for reading and sorry if any1’s offended.

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