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Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 11

” Now your end will come Gopi Modi. Your Ahem Ji and Rashi behen do not recognise you!” Sindoora laughs. Gopi slaps her.
” Be quiet! How dare you speak to your mother that way!” Gopi shouts.
” You are not my mother! You call yourself a mother? I hate myself knowing that I am your daughter! You gave me away as a baby for money? What kind of mother are you?” Sindoora screams.
” I didn’t give you away! You fell off a cliff! I thought you died. Why would any mother want to get rid of their child?” Gopi cries.

” You are lying Gopi Modi! You are trying to say Sanjana Baa was lying?” Sakshi says.
” You shut your mouth! You poisoned my daughter! You brainwashed my Divya and I will not spare you Sakshi!” Gopi shouts.
” What is the point of shouting now Gopi Modi? I will ruin you.” Sindoora says. ” I will ruin your whole family and then you will regret everything. You were born as a poor gawar and I will make sure you die as a poor gawar! I will snatch everything from you!” Gopi tries to strangle Sindoora.
” I wont let you harm my family!” Gopi screams. The mental asylum people arrive and release Gopi from Sindoora.
” Look, my daughter in law is trying to kill me. Save me and take her away. I am worried about her health.” Sindoora fakes to cry. The nurses grab Gopi.
” Leave me, I am not mad.” Gopi sobs. The Modi family plead to the doctors to release Gopi.
” My Gopi is not mad!” Begs Kokila. Gopi runs away from the nurses and runs to the temple. She looks the Krishna and Radha idols.


” Please save me Kahna Ji.” Gopi cries. The nurses grab her and take her away. The Modi family cry. Sindoora and Sakshi smirk evilly. Gopi remembers her memories in the Modi mansion since her marriage with Ahem. Sad Saathiya tune plays. Gopi reaches the doorway.

” Wait! I want to speak to her for a minute.” Sindoora says. Sindoora walks upto Gopi. They both laugh evilly.

” How was my acting Sindoora?” Gopi says.

” Fantastic Gopi, or shall I say Ambika?” Sindoora laughs. Vamp tune plays- both women laugh and give each other high five.

” Thank you for supporting me all this time but now it is the final showdown.” Ambika says.

” Yes! The truth only me and you know is that you are not the real Gopi and neither did the real Gopi die 20 years ago. I made you as Gopi’s duplicate to help destroy the Modis.” Sindoora says.


Ahem is shot by Sindoora. Sindoora thinks that Ahem, Gopi and Radha were dead and her revenge was complete. However, Gopi moves and tries to get up, Sindoora gets angry. ” What are you that you are still alive?”

” You wont win Sindoora, Kahna Ji wont let me die.” Gopi says.

” If you wont die, I will make sure you stay away from your family for so long and in your absence, I will destroy them.” Sindoora screams, she picks up a wooden stake and beats Gopi until she is unconscious. A sage sees Sindoora and warns her that she will soon be punished. Sindoora kidnaps his baby daughter. ” If you tell anyone about me, I will kill your daughter.”

” Please don’t. Leave her alone.” The sage cries. Sindoora laughs and runs away with the baby. Sindoora arrives in London in a few days and gives the baby to Aliya, who was her friend.

” I want you to keep this baby. I will be back in a decade to take her. Aliya, I have a special task for you. Once Ashweriya’s daughter has fell off the cliff and it is blamed on Meera, I want you take her daughter away.” Later, Aliya took Ashweriya’s daughter Sita and renamed her Radha. For a decade, Aliya brought up her own daughter Rashi, and the two kidnapped daughters, Gopi(Ambika) and Radha (Sita).

After 16 years, Sindoora returns to London and gives a new face to Ambika, which was the same face as Gopi Modi.

” From now on, you are Gopi Devi and I task you to go and join the Modis. I want you to gain their trust. Then, we will destroy the Modis” Sindoora says.

” Ok.” Ambika says.


” So where is the real Gopi Modi?” Ambika asks.

” I am taking you to meet her. Gopi has been alive for 20 years and her family doesn’t even know.” Sindoora says. Ambika and Sindoora arrive in a hospital in New Delhi. Both women enter a ward room and see a woman lying on the bed.

” I am shocked! She has been kept here for 20 years!” Ambika says.

” Yes, Gopi Modi has been in coma for 20 years now!” Sindoora laughs. Vamp tune plays. ” Gopi hasn’t been reborn as you made everyone to believe. I put Gopi in coma. I kept Gopi from her family for 20 years just like she kept me from my family for three decades.”

” What if she wakes up? She will reveal our truth?” Ambika says.

” Our truth? Gopi would woken up years ago but I kept giving her medicine to keep her in coma. Few weeks ago, I stopped giving medicine and now Gopi will wake up soon. However, I have been waiting for you to arrive to handle the rest. I will reopen the Ahem, Radha, Rashi and Jigar murder case and you watch, the evidence will go against Gopi. Once Gopi wakes up, she will be arrested for the crimes she never did. Poor Gopi, she has suffered for 20 years and now she will suffer for the rest of her lonely life.” Sindoora says.

” Then what is the use of me? Why make me Gopi Modi?” Ambika says.

” Before Gopi wakes up, you will create evidence. I want the Modis to hate Gopi Modi. The Modis will kick Gopi out themselves. I need you to cause trouble in that house. But first, I need to send you to mental asylum. I will send a video to Ahem of you being tortured. Ahem will come and save you. Then you will get married to Ahem and divorce my son. After that, you will cause trouble in that family, do you understand?” Sindoora says.

” Yes. I understand. Lets go to the mental asylum then.” Ambika and Sindoora leave for the mental asylum. The next day, Ahem and the family receive a video of Ambika being tortured in the mental asylum. They are shocked.

” Someone save my sister!” Rashi screams.

” I will go and save her!” Ahem shouts. ” How dare they?” Ahem and Jigar go to Sindoora in the Modi house.

” Why are you two here?” Sindoora says.

” Where is Gopi? Which mental asylum?” Ahem shouts.

” Calm down, she is in the main Rajkot mental asylum.” Sindoora says, both men leave and Sindoora smirks and calls Ambika.

Ahem and Jigar arrive, fight with the wardmen and save Ambika. They bring Ambika home. Rashi runs to hug her.

” Are you hurt? Somebody bring first aid!” Rashi cries.

” I am fine, please. I need some rest.” Ambika says. Ambika goes to her room. Ambika thinks that from today, Gopi Modi will become the biggest enemy of the Modis. Poor Gopi, been in coma for 20 years whilst she has been taking her place. Ambika evilly laughs.

Precap- Sona suggests to get Ahem and Gopi married. Ambika says that she needs to divorce Abir first and Sindoora wont allow that to happen. Ambika thinks to herself that disaster will soon come into the Modi’s lives once again.

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