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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sona searches milk in fridge and does not find it. Gopi comes and asks what happened. Sona says she needs to give medicines to babies via milk and milk is finished. Gopi gives her powder milk and says she will send Tolu to get milk. Jaggi hears that and thinks why powder milk.

During dance practice, Meera says she will call Dharam. Naiya stops her and says she should practice first. She signals her puppet choreographer who asks Rithesh to dance with Meera. Ritesh agrees and dances with Meera holding her. Dharam passes on balcony. Puppet choreographer asks Rithesh to hold Meera’s waist and dance. Meera acts nervous. Dharam sees Rithesh and Meera dacing holding each other and angrily goes back. Naiya smirks. Meera senses Dharam and stops dance. Shen then

contines dancing.

Modi family hears buffallo sound in lawn and think from where did it come. Jaggi brings 2 bucckets full of milk and says powder milk is bad for babies and even elders, now they all will have buffallo milk. Kokila says let us perform aarti first. Jigar comes sadly. Kokila asks him to take aarti. He says he does not deserve aarti. Pari asks what happened to his cheek. Jaggi says someone has slapped him. Jigar says when he went to take back property papers, Mansi slapped him and told she will come and demolish 50% of Modi bhavan. He starts crying that he made a big mistake by mortgaging this house in which he spent whole life. Gopi consoles him and says humans make mistake and he realized his mistake, that is important.

Jigar continues crying where will they live now. Jaggi says he can come and stay at his house, they both will enjoy. Gopi starts yelling at him if he cannot think and speak, he always makes blunders. Jaggi angrily leaves.

Mona tells Pari that she has booked a hotel room for her and Molu. Pari asks what…Mona says she booked honeymoon suit for her and papaji. Pari asks her to stop being supid, they have to mingle with Gopi’s group and act to get their work done.

Choreographer teaches Naiya and Prakash their dance moves. Naiya asks choreographer to get Meera in their group. Meera says she will bring Dharam and goes up. Dharam eagerly waits for Meera and seeing her gets angry. She asks why did not he come down for practice. He says she did not come to call him at all. Argument starts. Meera takes her pillow and bedshheet and walks out. Dharam thinks she did mistake and now overreacting.

Jaggi speaks to his mother over phone. Mom says he will get punya if he stays at Kokila’s house. Their chatting and nok jhok continues. Gopi comes and apologizes for being rude. He says one should forget past and think of present and future aand forget tension. Gopi reminisces Ahem saying same words and gets teary eyed.

Precap: Jigar asks Gopi what happened. Gopi says Jaggi and Urmila are not at home, she is sure they must have gone to Mansi’s house. Jaggi and Urmila enter Mansi’s house. Mansi catches them red handed and shouts she will hand them over to police now. Gopi hears that over phone.

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