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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jigar thanks Gopi for saving him on time. She reminisces Jigar informing what all Mansi did and says Jigar good he told her about Mans beforehand until he is with family, nothing will happen to him. He says Mansi does not know that he gave her Jaggi’s finger prints and says he does not know what Mansi will do next. Gopi asks to be confident and not lose hope.


Vidya and Meera give bridal red lehenga choli to Naiya to wear on her engagment ceremony. Naiya says even she has surprise for them, which she will give later.

Jaggi does pushups with Jai and Veeru sitting on his back. Urmila brings milk for them. Jai and Veeru shout dangal dangal. Jaggi says dangal means wrestling and he is taking them to watch wrestling. Urmila says already children are spoilt

and he is spoiling them more. Gopi comes and informs that his mother is trying to reach him over phone. He picks call and his mom asks if he sold his phone that he is not picking call. He asks not to taunt him and leaves. Urmila says Jaggi loves his mother and even his mother him a lot.

Naiya’s engagement arrangements continue at Dharam’s house. Naiya gives money to a lady and says she has to create so much difference between Dharam and Meera that Dharam should kick Meera out of this house. She thinks she will rule over this house soon after kicking out Meera, Vidya, and Shravan.

Jigar meets Mansi and says he does not know how Jaggi and Ahem’s fingerprints match. Mansi scolds him and says she will play her next call. She calls Savita Devi Charitable trust.

Savitaben Charitable trust people throng Modi bhavan with reporters and thank Kokila for her support. Kokila gives speech that girls should be educated. Reporter then says he will question Ahem Modi who started this trust. Mansi enters with police and says this man is imposter and not Ahem Modi, she will prove it now. She says he has to garland a photo on whose name he opened trust. Modi family gets tensed. Jigar thinks he did not about Mansi’s new plan. Gopi silently scribles a note and hands it over to Jigar. Note falls down. Jigar signals Jaggi, but he does not notice it. Mansi steps on note. Jaggi goes and garlands wrong grandma’s photo. Everyone are shocked and Urmila says he ruined everything. People discuss how can Ahem garland wrong photo, that means he is not Ahem.

Precap: Gopi tells Kokila that to win the war, they are trying to make a stranger as Ahem.

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