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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Jai and Veeru play and jump on Mona’s bed. Mona shouts at them. Jaggi intervenes and says he will teach them how to tackle their aunt. He ties Mona to a balloon board and asks to shoot balloons now. Gopi comes and watches them.

Meera goes to ACP’s house and sees him injured and struggling to drink water. She calls Dharam and asks him to come to ACP Rithesh’s house right now. Shravan asks Dharam where is he going. Dharam says nowhere and leaves. Shravan gets Vidya’s message to meet her. Dharam He reaches Rithesh’s house. Meera says Dharam that Ritesh cannot take care of himself, so she wants him to stay at their house until he gets well. Dharam agrees and takes Ritesh home.

Kokila sees Jaggi’s crude behavior and says Urmila

says they need to work hard to groom Jaggi as Ahem and they have to.

Jigar returns Mansi’s 10 crores and asks her to return his property papers. She says she will not return and if he forces her, she will posses her part of Modi bhavan and will demolish it. Jigar says she cannot do that. Mansi says if he help her prove the one staying at Modi bhavan is not Ahem, she will return his property papers. She further says she knows Ahem well and knows you and Ahem had installed biometric finger print scanner at office, he should get Ahem’s finger prints for her.

Dharam and Meera take Ritesh home. Whole family discusses about Naiya and Prakash’s wedding arangements. Naiya smirks and thinks everyone is her enemy and it is time to excute her plan.

Urmila serves tea to Gopi. Jaggi comes and says she did not serve lassi whole day and at least if she can serve tea. Urmila says okay and asks howmany spoons tea he needs. Gopi says Ahem takes 1 teaspoon. Jaggi says he needs 3-4 at least as his mother says whoever can digest sugar can digest anything, he likes to be healthy with many spare tyres on his tummy instead of beinng skinny. Goopi runs to her room and cries reminiscing her time spent with Ahem and their happier moments. Urmila comes and asks what happened. Gopi says she cannot think Ahem is dead if she sees Jaggi often. Urmila consoles her.

Dharam keeps flower bouqet and gift for Meera in their room and wait for her eagerly. Naiya peeps and thinks she should execute her plan now. Vidya and Meera arrange Naiya’s marriage gifts. Vidya goes to check Priyal. Naiya comes there with tablets an water. Meera asks if she did not sleep yet. Naiya says no. Meera sees tablets in her hands and asks fr whom are these tablets. Naiya says for Ritesh. Meera takes tablets and says she will give it. Naiya smirks.

Precap: Mansi tells Modi family that she will prove now that Jaggi is not Ahem via fingerprint scanner.

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