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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mansi tells Ahem/Jaggi that she wants to come with him. He says not now and vanishes in smoke. Gopi, Jaggi, and Urmila then discuss how to get papers from Krishna’s hospital locker.

Meera waits for Dharam to go out for shopping. Dharam waits for her outside. Vidya informs Meera all the incidents happened and Naiya’s plan to create a rift between her and Dharam. Meera as usual yells that it is Dharam’s mistake that he got jealous that she is spending time with Ritesh. She sees Ritesh coming down and asks him to come along for Naiya’s wedding shopping and leaves with him. Vidya stands shocked. Naiya watches standing aside and taunts Vidya that happened.

Gopi and Urmila reach hospital disguised as males. Urmila tells receptionist that

his friend needs bandage changed. Receptionist shows them direction. Urmila calls Jaggi and says they have reached hospital. They walk around searching for locker room. Nurse stops them and says this floor does not have doctors, whom they want to meet. Gopi sees Urmila’s moustache coming out and fixes it by hugging her. She then apologizes nurse for coming on wrong floor.

Jaggi is busy playing snake ladder game with Jai and Veeru. He hears Mansi speaking to Krishna that he should go directly to hospital from airport. He calls Urmila, but her phone is not reachable. He reaches hospital on wheelchair as pregnant woman with labor pain. Urmila is shocked and tells Gopi why Jaggi came here as Jigna. Jaggi yells at Urmila that she brought her son here forgetting her bahu. Urmila asks why did he come here. He says Dr. Krishna is coming here direclty from airport.

Krishna comes just then. Jaggi starts acting again. Krishna asks nurse who are these people. Urmila yells to take her bahu to labor room soon. Gopi silently walks in front of Krishna and he does not notice her at all. She finds locker room and locker #336 with digital code. Krishna searches pregnant woman and thinks where did she vanish suddenly. Urmila and Jaggi hide. Gopi thinks what code Mansi mut have kept. She enters Ahem’s birthday and locker opens. She is shocked to see locker empty. Urmila and Gopi also come and Gopi says locker is empty. Krishna asks nurse and peons if they found pregnant woman and walks into locker room. Gopi, Jaggi, and Urmila hide behind door and silently slip off. They run out of hospital and after a it of Jaggi’s drama, they walk towards home.

Naiya tells Dharam that Meera has gone for shopping with Ritesh. Vidya stands helplessly.

Urmila, Gopi, and Jaggi reach home and see flowers on floor. Premila throws flowers on them and asks if they got property papers. She says she saw them using smoke machine and heard their plan. They planned well to prove Mansi as insane, but until Mansi’s mother is alive, they cannot harm her.

Precap: Premila challenges Urmil and Gopi that she will sell Modi bhavan with 24 hours and get them out.

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  1. I WISH IF NAIYA COULD ONCE AGAIN START HER EVIL ACTIONS AGAIN THATS GONNA BE GREAT.krishna came back has become more interesting to see he ll soon catch red handed of that witch gopi and urmila for poking their noses in other plans

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