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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mansi tells Premila that it as really Ahem. Premila says where is he then. Mansi says he had come here. Premila says she will sleep with her then and will meet Ahem when he comes back. Gopi and Urmila discuss what to do now, Premila slept in Mansi’s room. Jaggi says he has a solid plan. He gets into Mansi’s room with Urmila, adds chloroform on a kerchief and keeps it on Premila’s nose. He throws it behind and it hits Urmila and she falls unconscious.


Prakash brainwashes ACP that Meera is suffering marrying an old man twice her age. ACP thinks he will free Meera from her problem.

Urmila writhes with headache after sniffing chloroform and scolds Jaggi why did he throw kerchief on her. She says Premila will sleep in Mansi’s room daily.

Jaggi says he knows what to do, Mansi will come out to meet him. He goes to Mansi’s room again wearing Ahem’s clothes and says he is back. She gets happy and says she is selling her part of property. He asks how can she do that, she should think about her mom. She says Gopi. He says do hell with Gopi, this house has his memories and if she wants to get rid of his memories. She says no. Premila enters and Jaggi hides. Mansi scolds her that because of her, Ahem went back. Premila calls Krishna. They both tie Mansi and give injection. Mansi pleads no… Krishna says Mansi is getting hallucinations again and if this continues, she will have to be admitted to mental hospital.

Gopi while cooking looks sad. Urmila comes and asks what happened to her. Gopi says they are doing same cruelity which Premila and Mansi did on her to prove she is insane. Premila entes and yells that she knows Urmila and Gopi are trying to prove Mansi insane, but she will not let that happen. Gopi continues feeling guilty. Jaggi watches it.

Vidya prays god to help and protect her mother. Priyal asks why she is crying. Shravan comes and asks what happened. Vidya says mom is taking risk with Jagggi uncle to get back property papers from Mansi. Shravan to kill evil, one has to become evil.

Jaggi sees Jai and Veeru painting. He looks at Gopi and asks them if they know to mix colors and says if they mix blue and yellow, they will get green. Just like that, they need to mix black to get grey shade. Same with evil, they have to become a bit of evil to destroy evil. Gopi hears him silently.

Precap: Mansi asks Ahem to prove his love for her by pushing Gopi from balcony. He pushes her and she shouts..Urmila and team and shocked seeing this.

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