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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi tells Jaggi that Mansi used to love Ahem and may not express her feeling suddenly. She he has to be patient as woman’s no means yes, even Mansi will soften soon. He says even to Salman bhai, girls say no at the beginning and then fall for him. Gopi slips. He holds her and then lifts to drop her to to her room. She says no no. He says that means she wants him to drop her to room. She says this time she really means no. He leaves her and says he cannot understand woman.


Mansi is busy planning something. Premila asks if she took her medicine. Mansi yells she is always behind her to forcefeed medicine even when she is fine.

Gopi calls Meera and Vidya and asks them to tell that only Mansi knows about Ahem. Vidya says she does not remember. Meera says

Mansi give a diamond ring and pink shirt to Ahem and asked to wear it when he accepts her by heart. Gopi searches Ahem’s bags with Sona. They find a gift wrap with name to Ahem and find pink shirt in it. Sona then finds ring box but no ring. She says ring must be somewhere in bag itself. Urmila comes and asks if they are searching this ring. Sona says that means she knew about this from before. Urmila says she found it while searching something for Jai and Veeru. Gopi says Ahem used to respect Mansi, but not low her, now that they got ring and clothes, she know what to do next.

At night, Jaggie enters Mansi’s room wearing pink shirt and ring. Mansi panics that he must be Jaggi and asks him to get out. She switches on light and says he cannot be Ahem, he is Jaggi. He shows ring and pink shirt and says it is him. She opens window and sees Jaggi/some wearing Jaggi’s shirt with Gopi in a hall. She closes window back and gets very happy. Urmila silently switches on smoker. Ahem thinks why aunty is throwing smoke on her. Jaggi says Mansi he has accepted her and asks to hug him. She walks towards him. Premila walks up smelling smoke and thinks if Modi’s burnt house. She walks out and sees smoke coming from Mansi’s room. Urmila sees Premila and signals Jaggi. Jaggi leaves silently. Mansi calls Ahem..Ahem.. Premila enters and asks why she is calling Ahem. Mansi says Ahem was here. Premila sees paper burning and asks why did she burn paper. Mansi says she did not.

Meera walks nervously in hall. Prakash brainwashes ACP that poor Meera’s life is full of tension after marrying her father aged Dharam. Vidya asks Meera why she is tensed. Meera says she does not trust Mansi, Mansi may do anything. Vidya asks her to relax and trust god.

Premila and Mansi come down to check on Jaggi. Jaggi comes back and sits wearing his clothes and starts tauting Premila. Premila and Mansi leave angrily. Jaggi praises himself that his plan was successfull, wait and watch what he will do next.

Precap: Premila and Krishna tie Mansi’s hands to give injection. Mansi pleads not to. Krishna says relax and gives injection. Modi family peeps from door and laugh.

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