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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi gives Dharam’s clothes to Jaggi. Jaggi gets ready with Ahem’s formal clothes and wears his specs. Dharam sits for pooja angrily looking at Meera. Pandit says this pooja is for his daaughter, so he has to perform it by heart. He teaches what mother and father have to do, bth Meera and Dharam perform pooja together angrily.


Gopi tells Jaggi that Ahem used to exercise in the morning and used to drink soup. He says even he does exercise in the evening, but cannot stay on soup. Urmila scolds him to he has to do that silently. Sahil comes home and says he had been to lawyer who told Mansi has legal rights to sell her part of house.

Vidya and Meera come to Modi bhavan. Gopi, Kokila and Urmila ask them to tell what Ahem used to do to make Mansi happy. Vidya says she does not remember. Meera says tomorrow is Mansi’s birthday and dad used to celebrate it. Urmila says that is a good idea.

Naiya starts acting in front of Prakash that she felt bad for Meera as she is married to a man double his age. ACP passes by and hears their conversation. Once he leaves, Naiya smirks and Prakash praises her acting.

Dharam scolds Meera why did she attend pooja if she did not want to perform it by heart. She says why was he holding her hand so roughly and starts yelling at him and in the process hits her head on cupboard and her forehead starts bleeding. Dharam gets worried for her, but she shouts at him not act. Vidya passes by and sees Dharam panicking. She sees Meera’s forehead bleeding and what happened. Dharam says Meera hit her head on cupbord. Vidya consoles Meera.

Mansi wakes up and sees gift box and card on table. She sees someone standing outside room and asks who is it. She opens door and walks down and sees Ahem with flower bouquet who wishes her happy birthday. She gets emotional seeing him and walks behind him. Gopi watches standing under stairs. Krishna and Premila enter and see lights off. They call Mansi. Gopi silently takes Jaggi away. They both stand behind a wall. Gopi starts staring his face and reminisces her happier times with Ahem.

Precap: Mansi rushes to Jaggi’s room and sees him sleeping.

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