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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mansi asks Gopi who is ward #10 patient/Urvashi that she paid her hospital bill. Jaggi asks what problem she has if her wife does some charity. Krishna asks how did she get so mucch money. Gopi says it is her money. Jaggi asks if he does not have problem with his wife doing charity, who is he to ask. He asks Gopi to get another cheque, he will go and give it to the lady himself personally. Mansi reminisces bracelet and burqa clad lady and thinks something is wrong, she needs to find out.

Urmila tells Mansi and Krishna are behind them always. Jaggi says they are ahead of them and asks everyone not to tell his mom that he told her poor lady, else she will tie him and punish. Gopi gets a call from hospital that Urvashi’s condition is critical, she needs to come

soon. Gopi informs Jaggi that his mom condition is critical and they need to rush to hospital.

Gopi and Jaggi reach hospital. Doc says I am sorry. Jaggi starts crying that his mom is no more. Doc says he told sorry as he delayed discharging his mom. Jaggi stops crying. Gopi sees Krishna coming and realizes that Krishna planned to call them here to catch their secret. Jaggi enters room and hugs Urmila. She asks him to take her from here. Krishna gets Premila’s call and gets busy speaking to her that he is going to Urvashi’s room. Gopi silently leaves from behind and enters Urvashi’s room and tells them they should leave from here right now. Krishna enters room and Gopi/Jaggi hide behind window curtain. Krishna starts searching. Urvashi asks what is he doing instead of checking her. He says someone came here. Gopi slips and Jaggi holds her. He apologizes, and she says it is okay. Krishna says he will call security.

Naiya hides Dharam’s wallet silently. Dharam searches wallet. Naiya calls Meera and asks to search babuji’s wallet. Meera searches, slips her hand into sofa and injures her finger. Dharam gets tensed and applies her ointment. Meera shouts he gave her pain and is acting as worried. ACP and Prakash hear that and Prakash says Meera and Dharam’s fight is obvious due to age difference. He smirks thinking poor ACP is trapped now.

Gopi gets out of window and says she was hiding. Krishna says someone else is also here. Gopi says no one. Urvashi says her toe is paining and he should check it instead of arguing here. Krishna leaves saying he will send another doctor and she is discharged. Gopi relaxes. Urvashi asks Jaggi to go home, she will reach home and will call him.

Precap: Krishna says he will show Urvashi’s hospital room’s CCTV footage. Jaggi gets tensed. Mansi asks if he is Ahem, then why is he getting afraid.

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  1. Meera u r so cute maybe dharam will feel pain for u .

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