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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mansi starts her sandwich breakfast and feels something in it. She sees CD pieces and shouts. Jaggi says he was searching this CD since a long time. He was making sandwich for him and thought of making her also a sandwich, by mistake he added her aerobics CD, now she doe snot have do to aerobics at all. Mansi yells at him. He leaves with Jai and Veeru.


Meera tries to fix her pallu with pin but cannot due to her hand injury. Dharam asks if he can help. She says no, she will do her own chores. He forcefully fixes pin and says she may be intelligent, but not so much that she can do anything without help. He nicely confronts her and she fumes. He walks out. Vidya asks if Meera calmed down. He says Meera is very adamant.

Jai and Veeru show Jaggi’s

birthday cake cutting video on his mobile. He praises their talent and leaves mobile on bed itself. Premila silently checks mobile and sees Jaggi on birthday cake and realizes he is Jaggi and not Ahem. She runs to inform Mansi when Jaggi stops her and asks to return his mobile. She runs towards Mansi again. Jai and Veeru throw skating board and she slips. Sona picks mobile and throws it to Tolu. Krishna comes and tries to snatch mobile, Tolu throws it to Molu. Drama continues. Jaggi gets back mobile, but asks Krishna to try to snatch it. Krishna snatches it. Jaggi pushes him and phone falls down. Sona picks it. Drama continues again. Mansi picks it and Gopi snatches from her. Catch game continues and goes to Sona again. Jagggi asks her to throw it and he breaks it with cricket bat. He then dances and sings and asks Krishna if he needs mobile now.

Vidya asks Meera why did not she speak to papaji when he himself tried to speak. Meera yells tha the just wanted to show his superiority. Vidya asks why she always thinks about herself and does not care other’s feelings.

Urvashi calls Jaggi’s mobile and finds its switched off. She calls Modi bhavan’s landline and Mansi picks it. Urvashi disconnects call and then retries. Mansi yells.

Gopi and Urmila enter Jaggi’s room. Jaggi praises Gopi’s activeness and also praises Urmila and then starts crying tha the had to sell movie tickets in black to buy his mobile and he had to break it for them, how will he speak to his mother, his mother will not eat without speaking to him. Gopi gives her mobile.

Kokila returns home from temple sadly. Gopi asks what happened to her. She says she spoke to Jigar, he reached America and told Baa is unwell, hopes he does not inform about their problems to Baa and others.

Precap: Urvashi walks on road talking to Jaggi over phone and meets with an accident. Someone picks phone and informs Jaggi that his mom met with an accident. Gopi informs Urmila that Jaggi’s mother met with an accident and is admitted in SK Hospital where Krishna works.

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