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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 59)

His point of view –
“I guess this is it for today gentlemen …we shall meet tomorrow to finalise the deal..” i said extending my hand to my future partners..
After my meeting was over i quickly rushed home ..
Eager to eat dinner..
I dont know why but the taste is familiar..
It taste’s like the food made by Pie..
Maybe i am thinking way too much…
U know maybe because i am missing her..
“Auntie please khana laga dijiye..” i call out the maid who dad hired to take care of me..
Funny isn’t it .?
But after my little stunt few months ago..yea thats what he calls it … our relationship has become better ..
I quickly gulp down my food and head towards Pie’s apartment to see her..
Yesterday my girl stayed up quite late which is unusual for her..
Till almost morning her lights were on..i couldn’t get to see her..
Hope i can do so today…
As soon i reached her house i was glad to see that the lights were off..
I glanced over my watch..maybe becaue she stayed up late yesteray so she slept early today.
I opened the door to her house and i could her faint noises..
I rushed inside to the bedroom and hell broke loose..
My princess was lying on the bed shifting uncomfortably.
I quicky went towards her and hugged her..
“Dddd…eeex…” she whispered..
“Yes baby …i am right here for you…i got you sweetheart..” i said gently rubbing her back..
My hand stung when it made contact with her skin..
Damn ..!
She had fever..
I quickly wrapped her in the blanket and went to the medical cabinet in the kitchen.
I removed a thermometer and checked her temprature..
Shit its almost 106.
“Haa mera bacha…you’ll be fine…we are going to the hospital .”
“Nooooo..no hospital..” she panicked .
She burried herself in my arms and tugged at my shirt…murmuring all along.
I fished out my pocket and dialed John
“Bhai” he said over the other end.
I kissed the top of Pie’s head to calm both of us down..
“Get doctor uncle at her house she has high fever”
15 minutes later Doc uncle..Big B and John all were in Pie’s room..
Doc uncle was trying to check Pie..note the key word trying because you all know how stubborn my darling can get..
She wasn’t letting him do so..
Big- B was trying his best to convince her..
While she kept herself burried in my arms..
“Shona please .let uncle have a look at you..” i tried pleading her but she wont budge instead she would snuggle in deeper in my chest..
Defeated.. uncle and everybody gave up and sat in the outer room..
“Bacha..we gotta get well na baby..please let doc uncle see you love..” i pleaded her
She dint budge but continued to shiver.
I pulled her in closer promising myself of not giving up..
Suddenly her grip on my shirt loosened and her body went limp.
“Pie…wake up baby….” i said patting her cheeks .
“Love..” i said shaking her whole body this time..
“John call the ambulance” i yelled when she din’t respond
“Baby please…open your eyes for me…” doc do something i yelled at the doc who had come with the ambulance .
“We are trying sir..”
We had reached the hospital in less than 10 minutes and love was rushed to the emergency ward..
I just hope she is alright..
I just hope nothing happens to her or i wont be able to forgive myself.

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