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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 56)

His point of view –
My happiness knew no bounds .
They found my girl..
“I am coming ..text me the address” i said all exited to see my sweetheart
After i hung up i was literally bombarded with questions..
“Kya hua..?” Asked big b
“Bhabhijaan ka kuch news?”
“Bol na..” big b probed again.
“Bhai bol na ..” john said shaking me ..
” Hegotherwearegoingtoseeher” i said in a breath..

“Huh..?” They both said together.
Just then my phone beeped with the message..
It was an apartment in the other side of town..
Why would she stay there .?
Anyways now that i found her i will get her back..
I got up and the guys followed suit.
“We found her” i yelled when we reached over to the car..
Driving at almost 120 i zoomed the car till we were standing under her apartment.
My informer ran up to me.
“Sir..this way please” he said gesturing towards the lift..
The lift stopped at the 10 th floor and all of us rushed out..
He handed over the key to the house and stepped back..
That moment time stood still..
I was going to see my girl the next instant.
I opened the door and the familiar scent of vanilla bodywash that my girl used numbed my senses..
I entered the hall to find a photo of us on our first date. ..
Its her favourite photo..!


I smiled and proceeded in the guys following closely..
Once we reached the bedroom ..
That moment was beyond words .
My sweetheart was sleeping away to glory..
I looked at my watch and realised it was way past midnight..
My baby really can’t stay up late..
I quickly covered her up with a blanket and ushered the other two out of the bedroom..
Comeon now you dont expect me to let them watch her sleep.
That is only my thing to see.
Her best friend point of view-
Now that everything is fine.
Lets have some fun.
“Bhai waise maine bhut bar dekha hai doll ko sote hue..wo mere ghar par reh rahi thi remember ” i say wriggling my eyebrows
“Toh kya hua wo apne room main thi aur tum apne..” he defends.
I am enjoying his possesiveness.
Its so much fun.

“But bachapan main toh we slept together ” i said winking at him..
“Johh bhi ho…she is my wife now..you guys go..will join you later ..” he said nearly pushing us both out.
“Yea yea ..let the love birds be..” john teased to which he earned a growl.
His best friend of view –
I haven’t seen Jhonny so happy in a long time..he surely loves her..
His eyes are not dull anymore..they are shining with happiness.
I just hope Bhabhijaan is gadhe ko maaf kar de nai toh yeh bechara pagal ho jayega..
I just gave him a hug and dragged Big B along with me..
They needed time and we were going to give them..
His point of view-
Finally i found her … i am having a fusion of emotions within me…
I am exited …sad happy confused..angry and what not ..
I just hope everything gets alright soon..

P.S a quiz question for my lovely readers …
Can anybody tell me when did they have their first date..?

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