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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 53)

“Dadabhai..” she says..
I get up to look at the person behind me..
Its him.
“Jhonny” i mutter..
“You know Dadabhai..?” She asks exitedly..
Now how do i answer her..?
I dont want to pick up a fight with him again..specially not in front of angel..
I saw him walking upto us and he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me..
“Hey Birdie” he greeted Angel with a hug.
“Aur tum…tum yaha kya karre ho..?” He questioned me turning towards me…
“Wo..wo ..actually .we…hum… ” i stutter
“Dadabhai he is my boyfriend..” said angel shyly..
Ohh shit ..
I saw Jhonny’s expression change from happiness to shock to pure anger..
He came forward and fisted my collar in his hands..
“What the f**k is wrong with you..why are you behind my family…first Pie and now her” he yelled at me
“Dada leave him” angel said pulling her brother’s hand..
“You don’t know him Birdie..He is a cheat ” jhonny spat..
I looked at angel with pleading eyes..
“I love him bhai..” she whispered
That is when he lowered his hands from my collar and patted my shoulders..
His point of view-
“I love him bhai..” Birdie whispered and thats when i realised that my little princess has grown up..
She was no longer my little Birdie anymore.
I sat down on the table in front of them while they held on to each other for support..
The scene instantly reminded me of my Baby..
Oh how i miss her…
This was my best chance to get her back i thought..
“Do you love her ..?” I questioned him
He looked straight into my eye and said a bold “yes”
Well great then.
“Acha okay i approve of your love …but you..” i said pointing at Big B
“You have to choose..
If you want to stay with my sister you will have to leave Pie alone…
The choice is yours …take your time” i said getting up…
“Come birdie” i called out to my little princess and she also got up after me.
This is it…he will choose princess and i can get my baby back..
Before i could turn he called out to me..
“I choose Doll” he said looking straight into my eyes..
“Think…you are loosing out on your love” i said trying my best to win a lost battle..
“I have decided” he said getting up..
Her best friends point of view-
“I have decided” i said getting up..
Angel held on to my hand crying…
“Please don’t do this to me please..” she pleaded with tears in her eyes..
It hurts to see her like this but i can’t leave Doll alone …not after knowing everything ..i just can’t.
“I told you Birdie he is a cheat” Jhonny said ..
I closed my eyes in Pain..
Angel was still holding my hand and crying..
I tried to free my hand but she dint budge .
“Angel please” i whispered..
Not wanting to cry in front of her..
“Get lost from here you bloddy cheater…never show us your face again..” roared Jhonny..
I just couldnt reply back to him today…because today i wasn’t meeting him like Doll’s best friend but i was meeting him like his younger sister’s boy friend..
I started to get up and walk out when Angel called out to me..
“Shayad kuch reh gaya hai ..” she said..
I turned around and she extended her hand for a Dance..
I gladly took it..
“I promised if you give me my Pasta ..i will grace you with a Dance..
And i dont go back on my promises…” she whispered..
I winced at her choice of words
Lag ja gale ki phir Ye hasin raat ho na ho
Shayad phir is janam mein
Mulakat ho na ho
We started to sway to the music..
Lag jaa gale se
Hum ko mili hai aaj Ye ghadiya naseeb se
Je bhar ke dekh leejiye Hamako kareeb se
Phir apke naseeb mein Ye raat ho na ho
Phir is janaam mein Mulakat ho na ho
We kept staring at each other for a while ..
Our trance was broken when the lyrics started again…
Lag ja gale ki phir
She broke down crying and started to get away when i pulled her in my arms…
Pas aiye ki ham nahin Ayenge baar baar
Bahen gale mein daal ke Ham ro le zaar-zaar
Ankhoon se phir ye Pyaar ki barsaat ho na ho
Shayad phir is janam mein Mulakat ho na ho
Lag ja gale
By the end of the song she had burried herself in my chest and was not ready to come out..
“Baby..” i called to her..
“Baby look at me” i said and gently lifted her chin ..
“Shh babu… don’t cry…i am there. I will make everything alright…u trust me right…?”
She nodded her ..
“Be strong baby girl” i said kissing her forhead…
I walked out of the restraurant with a heavy heart..
I just hope i am able to keep my promise..

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  1. Veryy nycc episode..waiting for da nxt part…

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